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3 Reasons Your Refrigerator Compressor Might Fail

compressor in your refrigerator is like the human heart: every other
function is contingent on them working properly, and if one fails,
well you are in big trouble. Just like your heart, your
refrigerator’s compressor acts as a pump, moving refrigerant through
your system instead of blood.
order to keep your refrigerator running for years to come, it is
important that you take care of your compressor. Here are three
things that can cause your compressor to prematurely fail.


As compressors operate, they generate heat. All compressors are
designed to withstand normal thermal gains from friction and motor
windings, but extreme spikes in temperature can cause your unit to
fail. Overheating can occur as a result of electrical imbalances,
lack of ventilation, or the malfunctioning of other components.


Only two substances should be present inside your refrigeration
system: refrigerant and oil. Anything else is considered a
contaminant. Common compressor contaminants include air, moisture,
soldering flux, dirt, dust, and any other debris that can enter when
services aren’t performed properly.

Lack of Lubrication

Just like oil is essential for the motor in your car, adequate
lubrication is vital to a healthy compressor. A lack of lubrication
will result in increased wear-and-tear on your compressor, as well as
the possibility of overheating.
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