6 Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

the hot summer weather approaching, homeowners everywhere are looking
for ways to cut back on energy costs. While turning down the air
conditioner might be the first energy-saving method that comes to
mind, there are ways to reduce your consumption without sacrificing
your family’s comfort.
are six easy ways to save energy in the kitchen.
Match the Pan Size to the
cooking on the stove top, always use a pan which is the same size as
the burner that you are cooking on. When a small pan is placed on a
big burner, as much as 50% of the energy could be put towards heating
your kitchen, not your food.
Stop Preheating the Oven
professional cooks agree that preheating the oven is a useless
process for most recipes and wastes a significant amount of energy.
Put your food in the oven when you turn it on; it may take a few
minutes longer to cook, but you eliminate all the waiting time on the
front end.
Use Lids on Your Pans
all of your pots and pans with proper-fitting lids when you are
cooking on the stove top. Cooking without lids can use three times as
much energy!
Keep Your Microwave Clean
the inside of your microwave oven clean is an effective way to reduce
how much energy it consumes. Old spills and food stains can absorb
energy waves, making it take longer to cook the food that you
actually want to eat.
Avoid Peeking in the Oven
cooking in the oven, it is tempting to peek in every-so-often and
take a look at your food; resist this urge. Every time you open the
oven door, hot air escapes. If your oven has a glass window, simply
turn on the light and look inside without opening the door.
Let Leftovers Cool Off
put food in the refrigerator when it is still hot; it can warm up the
rest of the interior and cause the compressor to cycle on. Letting
your leftovers cool to room temperature before putting them in the
fridge will ensure your unit won’t have to work as hard.
If you
notice a spike in your electricity bill, your refrigerator could be
to blame. The average refrigerator can account for up to 10% of your
home’s energy bill, but if it is malfunctioning this number can be
much higher. If you suspect that your refrigerator is not operating
properly, give the experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service a call at
866-782-9376. With over 75 years of experience, it is no wonder why
Long Island residents count on us to fix their refrigerators,
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