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How to Troubleshoot a Leaky Refrigerator

in the kitchen can come from anywhere – your sink, dishwasher, and
even your refrigerator. Luckily for you, refrigerator leaks usually
don’t require a visit from a
plumber. In fact, most incidents of leaky fridges are caused by one
of three things, all of which can easily be fixed without
professional help.
the steps below to troubleshoot and fix your leaking refrigerator.
1: Uneven Refrigerator
your refrigerator is leaning forward, water cannot properly flow into
the drain and will instead leak out of the bottom of the unit. If
your refrigerator is uneven, you can easily level it by following
these steps:
  1. Have
    a helper tilt the refrigerator back
  2. Use
    a flathead screwdriver to adjust the legs – turning it clockwise
    will raise the unit and counterclockwise will lower it.
  3. Adjust
    the necessary legs until the unit is completely level.
2: Clogged Drain Tube
you own an auto-defrosting refrigerator, it is likely that the drain
tube is clogged by a piece of ice or some other debris. Here’s how to
unclog it:
  1. Unplug
    the refrigerator from the wall and remove the crisper drawers. You
    should see the drain tube.
  2. Use
    a hair dryer to melt any ice which is causing the blockage. If it
    isn’t ice, insert a pipe cleaner or cotton swab into the tube to
    remove the clog.
  3. Flush
    the drain tube with warm water.
  4. Replace
    the drain tube and crisper drawers, and plug your refrigerator back
3: Cracked Drip Pan
drip pan is located underneath the refrigerator and collects water
from the drain tube until it evaporates. If the drip pan is cracked,
this water will leak out from under your refrigerator onto your
floor. To fix this:
  1. Remove
    the toe grille from the bottom of your refrigerator.
  2. Locate
    and remove the drip pan. It should easily slide out.
  3. Inspect
    it for any cracks or holes which would allow water to escape. If it
    is damaged, replace immediately.
  4. Insert
    the drip pan and snap the toe grille back into place.
you have tried all of these steps and your refrigerator is still
leaking, it is time to call the professionals. If you live on Long
Island, a properly-working fridge is just a phone call away with
Speedy Refrigerator Service. Our technicians are fully licensed and
insured, plus we provide same-day repairs in the comfort of your own
home. Our phone lines are open 24/7, so give us a call anytime at

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