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How to Maximize Your College Dorm’s Mini-Fridge

If you
are a college student living in a school dormitory, you will quickly
realize that space is limited. While you may have difficulties
cramming all your clothes into the provided dressers or finding room
on the wall for your poster collection, your mini-fridge might be the
most valuable real estate of all.
the first option for most students is to stuff their fridge with
beer, choosing a more substantial pallet of foods might help out at
times when the dining hall is closed or you just don’t feel like
walking. Here are some ways to make the most out of the mini-fridge
in your college dorm.
  • Remove the shelves.
    Sometimes with mini-fridges,
    removing a shelf will actually give you more storage options. Items
    such as milk cartons and water pitchers won’t normally fit in a
    compact refrigerator without first removing a shelf to free up some
  • Stack items. The
    best way to fit as much in your refrigerator as possible is by
    maximizing vertical space. The best way to maximize vertical space
    is by stacking your items – whether it is cans of soda or plastic
    containers filled with leftovers. Just make sure that your tower of
    food is sturdy enough that it doesn’t come crashing down on you next
    time you open the door.
  • Downsize.
    Mini-fridges call for mini
    food sometimes. If you are having trouble fitting what you need to,
    consider downsizing. Items that come in boxes can be removed and
    repackaged into a more space-efficient container, and your
    full-sized bottled waters can be replaced by half-sized ones.
  • Stock up on produce.
    Fresh fruits and vegetables
    are great to keep around your college dorm because they are
    nutritious, delicious, and don’t easily spoil. Berries, apples, and
    melon slices can all conveniently be stored in your mini-fridge and
    will provide you with a healthy snack when needed.
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