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Energy Saving Tips for Your Refrigerator

are the only household appliance that runs 24/7, which causes them to
be a major factor on your monthly energy bill. Even with an Energy
Star-certified model, your electricity bill can start to creep up if
you do not take proper precautions. Use the following five tips to
keep your refrigerator cold and your energy bill low.

Clean the condenser coils
the condenser coils every six months is a staple in a refrigerator’s
maintenance plan, similar to changing the oil of your car. These
coils are usually located at the back of the unit, and can become
coated in a thick layer of dust, animal hair, and other grime. When
this happens, the condenser must work harder and consume more energy.
Test seal strength
refrigerator’s gasket is the rubber seal located on the inside
perimeter of the door. This seal is responsible for keeping cold air
in the refrigerator and warm air out. Unfortunately, the gasket is
usually one of the refrigerator’s first components to wear down. To
test yours, close your refrigerator door on a dollar bill. If you can
easily slide the dollar up and down or remove it, you should replace
the gasket immediately to improve your energy efficiency.
Keep Your Fridge Full,
but Not Too Full
your refrigerator full will help it retain its temperature better
when the door is opened, because the different foods acts as
insulators to keep each other cold. On the other hand, keeping your
refrigerator too full can hinder air circulation and lead to warm
Keep Your Refrigerator
Away From Heat Sources
this tip makes perfect sense. If your refrigerator is located near
your stove, it will heat up when the stove turns on, and the
compressor will have to work twice as hard to keep the inside cool.
Other heat sources to avoid include your dishwasher and direct sun
from a window or skylight.
Let Hot Food Cool Down
hot food to cool down before sticking it in the refrigerator. Putting
in items that are fresh out of the oven will cause the food around it
and the entire interior of the fridge to warm up, which in turn
causes the refrigerator to use higher amounts of energy to cool back
If your
electricity bill still isn’t going down and you suspect your
refrigerator is to blame, there may be a more serious issue at hand.
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