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What to Know About Running a Refrigerator in the Garage

larger families, sometimes one refrigerator just isn’t enough. Space
is limited, and many households turn to a second refrigerator as a
solution to store their fresh food. Whether it is a beer fridge,
snack fridge, or a backup fridge, the added space and convenience of
a second refrigerator is often worth the investment. Many people keep
their second refrigerators in the garage, but the sweltering summer
heat can present problems if your garage isn’t climate controlled.
the tips below to help keep your refrigerator from working too hard
in a hot garage, which can lead to high energy bills and even a blown
  • Make sure to have
    proper wiring.
    Kitchens are
    specially wired for household appliances, but garages typically
    aren’t. Make sure the outlet in your garage is powerful enough to
    supply an adequate amount of electricity to your refrigerator. If
    your outlet is too weak, your refrigerator won’t have the necessary
    power to produce cold air, and there will be added strain on the
  • Keep it cool. Most
    refrigerator manufacturers recommend keeping the appliance in a
    climate which does not exceed 110°F. If your garage is not climate
    controlled, try auxiliary methods to help keep it cool such as
    supplemental air conditioning and fans, improved ventilation, or
    insulation to keep the heat out.
  • Selective storing.
    If possible, try not to keep
    perishable items in your garage refrigerator. Beverages and pantry
    foods are good to store here because they will not spoil if the
    temperature gets too high. On the other hand, foods like raw meat,
    dairy, and eggs should always be kept in the main fridge in case the
    one in the garage becomes too warm to function properly.
  • Fill it up. You
    may have heard that keeping a fridge well-stocked better helps it
    maintain its internal temperature when the door is opened. This is
    true, and it is especially important when dealing with the
    refrigerator in your garage. If you don’t have enough food to keep
    it full, stock it up with gallons of water to limit the amount of
    warm air that enters your fridge when you open the door.
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