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How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Refrigerator

are three things in your life that can never be big enough: your
smile, your bank account, and your refrigerator. No matter how hard
you try to stay organized, it seems like you are always running out
of space to keep your food. If this is a problem you constantly
experience, use these tips to maximize space in your refrigerator.
Adjust Your Shelves
every modern refrigerator comes standard with adjustable shelves, a
function that allows for storage flexibility and optimization. On
most models, these shelves can easily slide out of one slot and into
another in order to allow you to fit almost any item in your fridge.
Since you likely buy the same foods over and over, adjusting your
refrigerator’s shelves will not only allow you to fit as much food in
it as possible, it will also provide a blueprint for where different
foods should go.
Be Mindful of Your
can really make or break a refrigerator’s storage space. When used
correctly, you will be able to fit more food than you could imagine;
but the misuse of containers can quickly cram your fridge. Stick to
using square or rectangular containers, as round ones make an
inefficient use of space. You should also stack containers on top of
each other to make more room for your other food.
Constantly Clean
with the old, in with the new. That’s a motto you should live by when
it comes to organizing your refrigerator. Always be aware of what is
sitting in your fridge and when it will expire. Clean your
refrigerator out every week or two and throw away items which have
expired or will expire soon. Not only does this create more space, it
saves your refrigerator from developing unpleasant odors.
Add An Extra Shelf
an extra shelf to your refrigerator is a great way to maximize
vertical space. How many items sitting in your refrigerator right now
are tall enough that they almost touch the shelf above it? Chances
are not many; so make more use of this space by adding another shelf.
It does not have to be straight from the manufacturer, here is a shelf you can buy for about $5 that will work.
Place delicate food items such as bread and eggs under the
shelf for extra protection.
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