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Top 3 Reasons to Use Energy-Star Appliances

If you
are in the market for a new appliance, you may have heard the term
“Energy Star” or seen the label (above) on certain refrigerators
or washing machines on the showroom floor. If you are unsure of what
Energy Star is or you are uncertain if you should buy a certified
product, read how doing so can benefit you, your wallet, and the

  • Lower Energy Bills.
    Energy-Star appliances offer
    instant gratitude 12 times a year when you open your monthly energy
    bill. An Energy Star certification means that your appliance was
    tested by the EPA and proven to yield significant energy savings.
  • Government Rebates.
    Certain state and local
    governments offer rebate programs for consumers who buy Energy Star
    products. Just visit the Energy Star website and enter your zip code
    and type of appliance you are searching for and you will get a list
    of offers available in your area – usually involving cash refunds
    to offset the purchase price.
  • Environmentally
    Every Energy Star
    appliance that it purchased and used across the world helps cut
    energy consumption and create a greener planet. No one can save the
    environment alone, but we can all do our parts, and buying an Energy
    Star refrigerator is a great step. 
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