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Tips When Shopping for a New Refrigerator

holiday season is almost here, and so are the promotions that come
with it. It seems like every year, retail stores slash their prices
lower and lower for Black Friday and other holiday sales. If you are
planning on taking advantage of this year’s ridiculous price cuts by
purchasing a brand new refrigerator, here are some tips that will
help you make the right decision.

Set A Budget
first thing you should do when purchasing anything as expensive as a
refrigerator is set a budget. High-end refrigerators can cost upwards
of several thousands of dollars, and falling in love with some of the
cool features they offer can rack up your bill pretty quickly. Sit
down and determine an absolute maximum which you can afford to spend
on a new refrigerator, and work from there.
Size It Up
buying a new refrigerator, it is important that you take its size
into consideration. Do you have a large family that requires a lot of
space in the fresh foods section? Must the new refrigerator be a
certain width to fit between your cabinetry? Will you be able to fit
it through your kitchen door? These are some of the questions you
should be asking yourself when determining the size of your new
Utilize Your Resources
In this
age of technology, there is no reason to buy an appliance blindly.
There are a plethora of online resources to consult, where real
customers leave feedback on the products you are considering
purchasing. Consumer Reports is a great example of this. You can also
ask for recommendations from your friends, family, and neighbors who
may have recently purchased a new refrigerator themselves.
Shop Around
make a purchase from the first store you visit. Especially with
refrigerators, there are many places you can go to (both online and
in person) to try to get the best deal. When comparing prices from
different vendors, it is important to know what is included. For
example, Store A offers a refrigerator for $800 and Store B offers
the same exact one for $850. It sounds like Store A is the better
option, but what you may not realize is that Store B’s price also
includes an extended warranty, delivery, and free haul-away of your
old refrigerator.
Try Repairing First
a new refrigerator isn’t necessary. Refrigerator repair services can
often fix your appliance for a fraction of the cost it would take to
replace it. 24/7 Refrigerator Service is a repair company located in
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