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Empty vs Full Refrigerator | Long Island Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair

Why You Should Keep Your Refrigerator Full

A full
refrigerator is a happy refrigerator. Not only does a well-stocked
fridge leave your family full and happy, it can actually save you
money on your electricity bill.
right – a fridge which is full of food is significantly more
energy-efficient than one which is empty. Why, you ask? When you open
your refrigerator’s door, as much as 50% of the cold air can escape.
After you close the door, the compressor kicks on and your fridge
goes back to work trying to cool down to your desired temperature.
the refrigerator is full of food, however, there is less air space,
and thus there is less exchange between the cold inside air and the
warm outside air. A well-stocked refrigerator has more thermal mass
inside of it, which means that its contents are better at retaining
their temperature when the door is opened.
though; an over-stuffed refrigerator will actually have the opposite
affect. There is a such thing as having too much
food in your refrigerator, which can hinder air circulation and lead
to warm spots.
you are having trouble keeping your refrigerator full, try stocking
it with jugs of water. They are cheap, great for adding thermal mass,
and very useful in emergency situations!
your refrigerator has a sufficient amount of food, but is still not
keeping cool, it is time to call in the professionals. Speedy
Refrigerator Service has been fixing fridges across Long Island and
New York City for more than 75 years; let us make you our next
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