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3 Common Freezer Problems and What You Can Do About Them

constantly give credit to refrigerators by saying that they are the
hardest working appliance in the kitchen, but we might not be giving
freezers enough credit. After all, they run nonstop like a
refrigerator, but are responsible for making food much colder than a
refrigerator does. Because freezers run nonstop, they are susceptible
to problems. However, not every malfunction ends in a trip to the
appliance store – try some of these home troubleshooting techniques
before deciding it’s time for a new freezer.

My freezer isn’t running.
If your
freezer isn’t running, there could be a variety of problems with it.
First, make sure your freezer is plugged into a working outlet and if
your unit has a power switch, it is set to the ON position. Also
check to make sure that the power cord to the freezer is not visibly
damaged and if you are using an extension cord, get rid of it and
plug the freezer straight into the wall. If your freezer still hasn’t
turned on, call a local appliance repair company and schedule an
in-home diagnosis.
My freezer isn’t cold
If you
think that your freezer isn’t cold enough, first test it with a
thermometer. If it is at or around 0° F, it is working properly. If
it is significantly higher than that, check your temperature
settings. Turn down your freezer’s internal thermostat and wait a
couple of hours before retesting the temperature. If that didn’t make
a difference, make sure your freezer isn’t over-packed, which could
block vents and hinder airflow. If your freezer is still too warm,
seek professional consultation.
There is a build up of
frost inside of my freezer.
If your
freezer does not have an automatic defrost function, it is time to do
it manually. To manually defrost a freezer, remove all food and place
it somewhere where it will stay cold, such as a cooler. Next, unplug
the freezer from the wall and wait 5-8 hours for it to defrost before
plugging it back in and restocking it. If you have an automatic
defrosting model but it isn’t working correctly, the problem is most
likely a clogged drain pipe. To fix this, manually defrost the
appliance then blow dry the drain pipe for 5 minutes and clean it
with a pipe cleaner. If you run into more issues than this, call a
professional repair service.
these freezer troubleshooting steps did not work for you and you live
in New York City or Long Island, contact 24/7 Refrigerator Service at
866-782-9376 today. We offer around-the-clock emergency service and
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