5 Best Refrigerator Features You Didn’t Know About

Most new refrigerators last well over a decade, so it isn’t very often
that we find ourselves shopping for a new one. If you are in the appliance store for the first time since the iPod was released,
you may feel like you are in a scene from Back to the Future with
all of the hi-tech features available.
are five of the coolest features you probably didn’t know existed, as
reported by Reviewed.com.
Automatic Water
gone are the days when a water dispenser was the coolest thing (no
pun intended) available on a refrigerator. Now, certain models offer automatic water dispensing – using high-tech sensors, the
refrigerator can automatically detect the size of your cup and fill it to the top
without spilling.
If you
have constantly-changing food storage needs, you want a refrigerator
that can adapt. Enter Samsung’s newest four-door French door
refrigerator model, which allows you to change the temperature of one
of the freezer compartments to freezer, soft
freezing, chill, or cool.
Blast Chiller
you ever went to grab a cold can of your favorite carbonated beverage,
only to realize that you forgot to restock the fridge? No one likes a warm
soda (or beer), but no one likes waiting for their drink to get cold
either. With the new “Blast Chiller” feature, you
can have the best of both worlds. This can-sized compartment is located in the
fresh food section and can chill a 12 oz can in under five minutes.
Built-In Keurig
even we were impressed with this one – your fridge can now be your
coffee maker too! The new Cafe line of refrigerators from General
Electric can brew your favorite K-Cup, with three different sizing
options, just like the standalone Keurig machine. And since your
refrigerator has its own water line, you will never need to refill
the tank!
foods are best stored at different temperatures. For example, raw
meat should be as close to 32° as possible, while cheese should be
kept closer to about 37°. Some manufacturers recognize this and
now offer the option to set different areas of your fridge to different temperatures.
matter how technologically advanced these refrigerators become, the
experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service will always know how to fix
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