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5 Foods You Would Never Think to Freeze

in the year, we wrote an article about foods that you should never freeze. Now, we think it is time to take the opposite approach and
enlighten our readers about foods that can be frozen without
Baked Goods
kinds of baked goods can be stored in the freezer to last longer than
they would sitting on your countertop. Instead of lasting one or two
weeks, frozen baked goods will stay fresh in the freezer until your
sweet tooth can’t resist them anymore. All kinds of baked items can
be frozen: brownies, cookies, muffins, bagels, and even whole cakes –
just make sure to put the icing on them after defrosting, not before
Fresh Fruit
next time your favorite fruit goes on sale, you can stock up knowing
that you can freeze it and enjoy it for months to come. If you are
planning on freezing your fruit, make sure to wash and dry it
beforehand. You should also complete any required cutting or pitting
and freeze in small portions so you have convenient grab-and-go
can be frozen in all forms, from baking chips to full-sized bars, but
you need to take special care. Chocolate can be susceptible to
picking up odors in your freezer, so wrap it well and put it in an
air-tight container. You should also refrigerate the chocolate for 24
hours immediately before and after freezing it
to help maintain its taste and consistency.
herbs won’t be visually appealing enough to be used as garnish after
freezing, but their flavor will preserve just fine. Arrange a single
layer of herbs on a baking sheet and freeze as is. After the herbs
have frozen, you can peel them off of the baking sheet and store them
in a container to save space.
Pasta Sauce
you ever made a single serving of pasta for yourself, and wound up
throwing away the majority of the jar of sauce because you couldn’t
eat it fast enough? Prevent that from happening again by freezing
your tomato or pesto sauce in an ice cube tray and heating up
individual-sized servings as needed.
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