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How to Find the Perfect Refrigerator

average lifespan of a household refrigerator is around 10-12 years,
so it isn’t often that we find ourselves in the appliance store
looking to buy a new one. With all of the different options available
on newer models, it can be hard to figure out what’s what. Next time
you go refrigerator shopping, use the tips below to find the one
that’s perfect for you.
  • Do your research.
    Before stepping foot in a
    store, do some research. Use online resources such as Consumer
    Reports to find the best-selling and most reliable manufacturers and
    models. Buying a refrigerator is an investment, make sure yours is
    going to last.
  • Measure first. This
    is a mistake too many people have made. Nothing is worse than buying
    the seemingly-perfect refrigerator for your home and discovering it
    doesn’t fit. Measure before you buy, then remeasure and measure it
    again just to be sure.
  • Buy Energy Star. If
    you aren’t considering buying an Energy Star-certified refrigerator,
    you should. An appliance earns an Energy Star label when it is
    tested and proven to deliver significant energy savings by the EPA.
    These models may have a higher price tag initially, but they will
    pay for themselves over time with the long-term energy savings they
  • Check multiple
    In today’s age,
    there are hundreds of options when it comes to appliance retailers;
    both locally and online. Check several nearby stores and even
    internet retailers to make sure you are getting the best price
    possible on your new refrigerator.
  • Try repairing first.
    Sometimes, a new refrigerator
    isn’t necessary. If you are buying a new model to replace a
    malfunctioning unit, see if you can get it fixed first for a
    fraction of the cost.
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