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Servicing Subzero Appliances

When you purchase a Sub-Zero appliance, you do so because you want the best on the market. Sub-Zero refrigerators use two compressors to outperform regular refrigerator models, which only use one. The way they’re built ensures that they keep your fresher for longer and don’t overwork the system in doing so, which is definitely something you as a homeowner are probably concerned with. Sub-Zero refrigerators are also made to have tighter door seals and automatically adjusting thermostats to stay as energy efficient as possible. All these benefits are why you chose this model for your kitchen.

But no matter how well a machine is built, it’s bound to break down or need repairs after a certain amount of time. Since you have the best refrigerator on the market, you’ll want to hire the best repair service to fix it. That’s where Speedy comes in.

We’ve been servicing Sub-Zero refrigerators all over the NY metro area since 1946, so you know we’re knowledgeable at what we do.  Our service technicians are highly-trained in the proper practices it takes to repairing Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers and will always provide you with quality workmanship.

Often when Sub-Zero refrigerators need repairs, other companies have you wait for an ordered part to come in. That’s not the case with Speedy! We stock 99% of parts in our “warehouse on wheels” so all it takes to fix your fridge is a quick trip to the truck we drove up in.

If you’re in need of Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer repairs, call Speedy Refrigerator Service. We provide service within one hour for homes on Long Island and in Queens. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 866-782-9376.

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