How Avoid Freezer Burn

There’s nothing worse than saving a hearty pot roast for a rainy day, then taking it out to thaw, only to find it is discolored and unappetizing — it’s suffered from the dreaded freezer burn. While this is not typically dangerous, we all know it’s highly unappetizing. Avoid freezer burn by keeping the water in the meat and keeping the oxygen out. 

Don’t Skimp on Your Freezer Bags

A regular old zip bag isn’t going to do the trick here, folks! Always buy freezer grade bags; and while there are great value brands out there, springing for a name brand will probably cost less than replacing the freezer burnt meat in your freezer. It also helps to wrap the contents in wax paper or plastic wrap before inserting it into the zip bag. Another little trick is to make sure the bag is not too large for its contents and to rotate items in the freezer regularly.

Use a Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer has essentially the same effect as wrapping and bagging your frozen items; it just happens to be a little bit more effective. This is particularly because the exposure to air inside the bag is minimized, preventing sublimation at a higher level.

Invest in Freezer Repair

Even with the best packaging, you might still find freezer burn if your freezer isn’t up to the task! Keep a thermometer in your freezer if you suspect it might be the culprit of your freezer burnt dinners: if the inside rises above zero degrees Fahrenheit, it is likely that it is not preventing freezer burn at all. With the too-high temperature, water will melt and refreeze on the food products, creating that nasty and unappetizing look that we know to be freezer burn.

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