Emergency Refrigerator Repairs for Easter

Easter is almost here and if you are a working mom, you know that it is best to prepare a little bit at a time. But that type of calculated preparation requires the help of a working refrigerator. You need to store your appetizers and main course in there while you prepare the dessert and vice versa. But what would happen if your refrigerator unexpectedly failed? You could wind up with one of these problems»

refrigerator leaks- refrigerator repairs

Rotten Eggs
What would you do if all of those pretty hard boiled eggs you colored as a family were lost to waste? This is what will happen if you have an unexpected refrigerator malfunction that takes too long to repair. Eggs can only be at room temperature for 1-4 hours, any longer and you have a very smelly situation on your hands. But not to worry, if you live in NYC, Nassau or Queens, we can be at your home in ONE hour or less for emergency service. That’s the Speedy difference!  

Spoiled Ham
The US FDA recommends that a frozen ham be refrigerated as it thaws to ensure bacteria-free consumption. If you defrost it at room temperature, there’s a chance it could spoil due to rapid defrosting that isn’t deemed safe by the FDA. You need your fridge, and we can help you get it up and running in no time.   

Stale Desserts
You can’t make all those cookies and pastries at once, so your refrigerator will need to be running properly to store them before you are ready to serve. If they are left out, they can become stale and lose the moistness that makes them so delicious. Easter dessert is fantastic and you don’t want a silly refrigerator problem ruining your baking.

The Speedy Promise
We’re not claiming to be the Easter Bunny, but we can definitely help you salvage your Easter party. If you’re experiencing any strange noises or temperature fluctuations right now, it might be best to have us take a look before the holiday. We can be there in ONE hour or less and we are currently offering a $25 Coupon for refrigerator repairs.

To schedule a Speedy appointment, call 866-782-9376 or click around on our website!

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