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Food Safety During a Power Outage

If you
live in the northeast, power outages are a year-round threat. Between
snow storms in the winter, thunderstorms in the spring, and hurricane
season running through the summer and fall, we are in constant danger
of losing our electricity.
the lack of light and entertainment, one of the biggest obstacles to
overcome during a blackout is how to prevent the food in our
refrigerator from going bad. According to FoodSafety.gov, food in the
refrigerator will last a maximum of four hours during a power outage,
and frozen goods will last up to two days.
you have a generator, this is something you are going to have to deal
with, so it is best to be prepared. Use these tips during the next
power outage to keep your food fresh for longer and avoid illness.
Prepare Ahead of Time
  • If
    you know of an upcoming storm, head to the store and buy block ice
    or dry ice. Putting this in your refrigerator and freezer can help
    extend the lifespan of your food.
  • Stock
    up on ready-to-eat foods which don’t require refrigeration or
  • Fill
    your freezer. Even if it is with gallons of water, a full freezer
    will keep colder than a half-full one.
When the Power Goes Out
  • Keep
    the refrigerator and freezer door shut unless you absolutely need
    something in it. Every
    time you open the door, as much as 40% of the cold air can escape.
  • If
    you have a cooler, fill it with drinks and items which you will eat,
    along with some ice. Keep foods that you want to save, like raw
    meats, in the refrigerator so that you can keep the door shut.
  • Covering
    the refrigerator in blankets and newspaper can add insulation and
    help keep food colder.
When the Power Comes Back
  • Use
    a thermometer to check the inside temperature of the refrigerator.
    If it reached 40° F or higher, you will have to discard of your
    perishable items.
  • Inspect
    each item individually to make sure it looks and smells OK.
  • When
    in doubt, throw it out! No meal is worth suffering from food
outages are not the only time where we must deal with a refrigerator
not keeping our food cold. If your refrigerator is broken, it could
fail to keep a reasonable temperature even when the power is on. If
you are experiencing a malfunctioning refrigerator, give the experts
at Speedy Refrigerator Service a call. We offer one-hour service to
Long Island and New York City, so call us today at 866-782-9376.

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