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How Much Energy Does Your Refrigerator Use? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you
know how much your refrigerator is costing you? In addition to the
up-front price you pay at the appliance store, your fridge also
consumes a significant amount of energy which you pay for each month
in the form of a utility bill.
If you
have ever wondered just how much your refrigerator costs to operate,
this infographic from Enervee can help answer your questions. Some
things covered in this report include:
  • How much does an
    energy-efficient fridge save?
  • What is the most
    energy-efficient style of refrigerator?
  • Does a model with an
    ice maker cost more to operate?
  • How does a
    refrigerator’s size impact its energy consumption?
  • What impact does
    buying an energy-efficient fridge have on the planet?
with an energy-efficient model, your refrigerator could still run up
your electric bill if you aren’t careful. Check out these five energy-saving tips for your refrigerator.
Is your
refrigerator making loud noises, leaking, or failing to keep your
food cold? Not only do these signs indicate that your refrigerator
may be broken, they also mean it could be consuming more energy than
normal. If you notice any of these symptoms, give Speedy Refrigerator
Service a call at 866-782-9376. For more than 75 years, Long Island
and New York City residents have depended on us for all of their
refrigerator repair needs.

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