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How to Choose the Refrigerator That is Best for Your Home

who has been appliance shopping in the past decade will tell you that
it is not as easy as it used to be. Advances in technology have
allowed appliances to come stocked with options that many of us have
never even considered (like the drier that texts you when your
clothes are done). On top of that, there are now thousands of models
to consider, sometimes several hundred from the same manufacturer.
24/7 Refrigerator Service has put together this simple buyer’s guide
when purchasing a new refrigerator so you can spend less time in the
appliance store and more time in the kitchen.

Step 1. Choose a size
you start thinking about anything else, it is important to know your
size limitations. It doesn’t matter if you found the refrigerator
that is the perfect style and color and has all of your wanted
features for 90% off the original tag price, if it is unable to fit
in your kitchen you will have to return it. Measure the space that is
available for your new model, then remeasure it and measure again.
Also make notes of any obstacles that may restrict the opening of
your refrigerator doors, such as the stove, cabinets, or walls.

Step 2. Choose a style
than likely, your refrigerator will be sitting in your kitchen for at
least the next ten years; it is important to pick one that you like.
There are four main styles of refrigerators – top-freezer,
bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and french-door – each offering their
own unique benefits. Consider your family’s food buying and consuming
habits when making this decision, such as how much frozen food you
buy compared to fresh food. These factors will often point you to the
refrigerator style that is right for you.

Step 3. Choose your
Now is
the time to think about extra features that you may want in your new
refrigerator. Sure you want it to keep your fresh foods fresh and
your frozen foods frozen, but do you want any additional features? If
your plumbing allows for it, you may wish to buy a model with a water
dispenser and automatic ice maker. You may also want a refrigerator
with adjustable shelves and drawers to ensure that your fridge will
have the space to hold any food that you can buy. Temperature and
humidity controlled zones are also common features that many
appliance shoppers look for.

Step 4. Shop around
you have picked a refrigerator that is the right style for you and
has all the right features (and most importantly, one that will fit
in your kitchen), it is time to shop around. Do some research online
to compare brands and models side-by-side and read reviews from other
customers about specific model’s functionality and reliability.
Compare prices from online vendors and local appliance stores and
find out what each price includes. Delivery, installation, removal of
your old refrigerator and warranties are desirable options that may
be included in the prices of some companies but not others.
making a final decision, all that is left is to buy the refrigerator
and put it in your kitchen. Before you buy a new refrigerator, it may
be worth checking if your current one can be repaired for a fraction
of the cost. If you live in the tri-state area, call 24/7
Refrigerator Service at 866-782-9376 for same day service. We have
over 60 years of experience repairing refrigerators and can be at
your door within an hour. You can also like us on Facebook for more
refrigerator guides and tips.

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