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What Does and Doesn’t Belong in the Fridge

When you go to the grocery store and glance down the refrigerated aisle, you’ll see meats, cheeses, yogurts and much more. People know these foods need to be refrigerated, but there are quite a few items that people debate over. While everyone has their preference, these do’s and do not’s for refrigeration will come in handy the next time you’re putting away the groceries.  


  • Eggs- You need to refrigerate eggs due to threat of salmonella bacteria. Some other countries in the world like the UK don’t need to refrigerate eggs because they use a different processing process.
  • Cheese- Most soft cheeses like ricotta should ALWAYS be refrigerated. You can get away with not refrigerating Parmesan or Romano, but make sure you always check the instructions.
  • Soy Milk- This popular healthy form of milk needs to be refrigerated after opening. It can last for about a year in storage, but once it is opened, it won’t last more than a few hours without the refrigerator.


  • Tomatoes- Keeping tomatoes in the fridge is pointless and it actually has a negative effect on their taste. The colder temperatures make them ripen slower and this actually gives them that mealy taste. That is why you should only buy tomatoes when you know you’re going to use them.
  • Onions- Onions will soften if they are kept in the fridge and that will eventually lead to them becoming moldy. Store them in a bin or container in a shaded part of your kitchen for the best taste.
  • Bread- If you don’t plan to eat bread within a week of purchase, wrap it up and store it in the freezer. The fridge won’t prolong it’s life long enough to cancel out the negative effects it has on the taste of the loaf. Nobody likes dry bread!

At Speedy Refrigerator Service, it is our job to make sure your refrigerator is working order. We provide one hour emergency service to the NYC, Long Island and Queens areas 365 days a year. We know refrigerator malfunctions don’t work around your schedule, but we do!

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How to Refrigerate Halloween Treats

“Trick or Treat!” Regardless of what you have in your bowl, the excitement of Halloween is enough to drive any child crazy. They’re all out with their friends, dressed to impress and looking for the house that has the best goodies. Well, you can make your house that house by adopting some of these refrigerated candy treats.

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Candy Apples
The candy apple is a difficult thing to keep fresh. Not only do you have to keep the hard covered candy coating from spoiling, you also have to worry about the apple underneath. An important thing to remember when it comes to refrigerating candy apples is that you need to beware of the gap, or where the stick enters the top of the apple. If there is a space, air can get inside of the apple and spoil it quicker than usual. If you want to keep your apples fresh for the maximum amount of time, try using the following storage tactic.

  • Place apple upside down (stick upwards) on a piece of wax paper.
  • Bring the four corners of the wax paper together and tie them around the stick tightly.
  • For more reinforcement, you could try wrapping the apples in plastic wrap prior to the wax paper.
  • After you have done this, you can try decorating your wrapping to enhance the presentation.

Most chocolate does not belong in the refrigerator. But if you are someone who enjoys a nice cool treat, there is a right and wrong way to do it. You shouldn’t bother storing store bought candy in the fridge. It will only make it stale and difficult to chew. As for homemade fudge, you’ll want to keep it in the refrigerator at around 40°F on a baking sheet covered in plastic wrap. Make sure you store it on a shelf where nothing can go on top and it shouldn’t be in there for longer than three days.

At Speedy Refrigerator Service, we have been keeping refrigerators going through the holiday season for over 75 years. For us, Halloween marks the start of the holiday season and that means we are kicking it into high gear! We are still offering $25 off of our appliance repair service and we would encourage you to take advantage of that today.

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Stocking Your Fridge For Football

Whether you are a college football fanatic or nuts for the NFL, it is your job to make sure the viewing experience is top notch. You can’t have the guys over for the big game and expect them to munch on some potato chips with nothing to wash it down. This will leave you in friend exile and you might start getting left out of the weekly festivities. Use these fridge stocking tips to pencil in your home as THE place to watch a game.

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Cool It Down
The absolute number one thing you can’t go without is ice. The cooler needs to get filled and the ice tray must remain stocked for those sodas and mixed drinks. It might be a good idea to go out and buy a bag or two in case the ice machine can’t keep up with demand.

Say Cheese!
Anything with cheese is going to be a hot commodity. The hot thing right now is beer cheese pretzel dip and it is really easy to prepare. You’ll have to go out and buy some assorted cheeses, beer and spices. You’ll mix them all together and boil the concoction on the stove until it liquidizes. Make sure you follow the instructions when you heat the pretzel dough and store it separately from the cheese in your refrigerator.

Carnivorous Treats
Whether you choose to grill up burgers, steak or dogs, having a little protein is vital to a successful football party. Be sure to store these items in a separate meat draw to avoid potentially harmful contamination.

Adult Beverages
There is nothing better than ending the weekend with some cold beers and friends. Evaluate the number of people you have on the guest list and buy the appropriate number of beers. You might want to store them in a separate cooler or fridge to avoid clogging up your main unit.

Dress It Up!
This is where you separate the good hosts from the great ones. If your friend asks; “Hey you got any extra blue cheese?” Your answer will confidently be; “I sure do.” Store your ketchup, blue cheese, ranch and other dipping sauces on the door of your fridge to save space for larger items.

Okay, you’re ready to go and we hope you have a great weekend! If your fridge malfunctions unexpectedly, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service. We offer weekend service at no extra charge to the NYC and Long Island areas in 1 hour or less.

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How To Organize Your Refrigerator For Healthy Eating

You might not think about how you stock your refrigerator, but it could help you live a healthier lifestyle. What we put into our bodies typically comes from the fridge and that isn’t always a good thing. Cakes, leftovers, pizza; all of these things seem to jump out at us every time we open up the refrigerator door. But what if we told you that the key to healthy eating is making those items jump a little less?Refrigerator Service| NYC- Refrigerator Service| Long IslandReady-To-Go Snacks
When hunger strikes, you want food and you want it right now! This often leads to you reaching for the leftovers in the fridge that are readily available. All you have to do at that point is make easy, healthy snacks the thing you reach for first. Try bagging some nuts and leaving them with your yogurt or doing the same with veggie sticks and hummus. It’s quick and far more nutritional than leftover pizza.
Devise a Plan
Don’t open up the fridge just for the sake of doing so. One, you want to keep the door closed as much as possible to save money on your energy bill. And two, this will lead to you taking out something that is appealing to the eye. If you go in with a plan of exactly what you want from the fridge, your eyes won’t wander and you’ll make healthier choices.
Stuck In the Middle
Studies show that people are more likely to choose an item from the middle shelf than any other area in the fridge. With this in mind, keep your healthy fruits and vegetables in the middle and don’t make it a hassle to reach them. You want to eliminate any reason you might have for not making a healthy choice.
Hide the Sweets
Everyone needs a treat now and again, but discipline can be tough. Hiding your snacks in dark Tupperware’s or containers is a good way to avoid slipping up. Put the cookies, cake and other sweets behind the healthy foods so that your eyes aren’t drawn to them. If they’re right in front of your face, it is almost impossible to avoid giving in.

Refrigerators can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your organization. With all the shelves and drawers that come with newer units, it is easy to hide the bad and put the good front and center. If you need help getting that new refrigerator up and running, call Speedy Refrigerator Service and we will be over in one hour!

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What You Need To Know About Speedy

The refrigerator is a vital part to the success of any family kitchen. It keeps food cold, dinners fresh and sometimes it provides drinking water for the whole family. So when it starts to malfunction, the first reaction is usually to panic. But when you have services like Speedy Refrigerator only a phone call away, there is no need to fret!

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Over 75 Years of Experience
We wouldn’t be in business this long without the help of our amazing customers and technicians. We know how to get the job done and all of our customers seem to appreciate our professionalism and hard work. It has been a great run and we hope to be in business for 175 years…

1 Hour Service
Because of our “warehouse on wheels,” we can provide fast, 1 hour service to the Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Manhattan areas. With their knowledge and experience, our guys will show up quickly and have the problem fixed before you even know they are there. If you don’t believe we can do it, give us a try!

All Makes and Models
At Speedy, we pride ourselves on our ability to fix any refrigerator problem, big or small. Whether you have a Kenmore, Maytag or Whirlpool, just give us a call and watch our guys work their magic.

Coupons and Offers
We know the budget can be tight, so we don’t want your refrigerator repair running you dry. For a limited time only, we are offering a 25$ discount on all repairs and a $39.95 coupon for a refrigerator tune-up. You can’t afford to miss out!

You have probably heard about us through word of mouth, but if you haven’t, now you know what we are all about. If you are a first time customer, we are sure you will be pleased with our service and continue calling Speedy in the future. We look forward to hearing from you!

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