How to Get the Most Out of Your Old Dishwasher

Your kitchen appliances are always in use if you’re an active family and things with moving parts are bound to break down at some point. But when we get calls for dishwasher repair, we often see avoidable mistakes causing the issues. If you’d like to get more out of your dishwasher, take these tips seriously»

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The Basics

  • If you’re not going to run the unit right after loading, make sure your pre rinse dishes.
  • Any plastic cups or plates should be secured so that they can’t be melted in the drying cycle.
  • Stacking items in the dishwasher is a major NO-NO!  

Bottom Rack

  • Plates, bowls and cooking trays should be loaded on the bottom rack.
  • Make sure they are DOWNWARD facing so they get the maximum pressure from the water jets.
  • Face knives UPWARD so that they don’t cut through the rack during a cycle.
  • Tuck cutting boards, sheet trays and items like this along the sides of the rack to ensure cleaning and save space.
  • ALWAYS separate stainless steel from silver in the dishwasher.

Top Rack

  • Cups and small bowls belong on the top rack.
  • Make sure you put cups and mugs in between the tines– not on top of them!
  • Angle the cups as much as possible to prevent water from pooling on top.
  • Hand washing delicate stemware is recommended. If they fall over, they have been known to break and broken glass can get caught in the dishwasher motor.

Limit Detergent

  • Only store enough detergent to last you TWO months. Anything more and the packets will dry out ad get clumpy during a wash.

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