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How To Get Your Refrigerator Ready for Thanksgiving


This is
the time of the year where many people take a step back and
appreciate their families and loves ones. However, if you are hosting
a family gathering for the holidays, it can be a stressful time. If
you are having your relatives and friends over for Thanksgiving, use
the following tips to make sure your refrigerator is as ready-to-go
as you are.

  • Thoroughly
    clean the inside and outside of your refrigerator.
    Before the
    big day, it is a good idea to clean your refrigerator inside and
    out. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, cleaning your refrigerator
    should be part of your preparation process, after all you want
    everything to be clean and tidy for your family.
  • Throw
    away leftovers and spoiled food.
    To make room for all of your
    Thanksgiving leftovers, you should go through all of your food
    currently in the refrigerator. If the food has expired or will
    expire soon, throw it away. If you have any leftovers that you do
    not plan on eating before Thursday, get rid of them to make room for
    the new ones which will be coming soon.
  • Rearrange
    the shelves.
    When you are going through your refrigerator and
    cleaning it, you should take the time to rearrange the shelves, if
    need be. The way your shelves are currently situated may not be
    suitable to store some of your Thanksgiving foods, such as a whole
    turkey before you cook it.
  • Use
    a cooler.
    If you are hosting the holiday for your family, you
    should keep cans of soda, bottles of water, and other beverages in a
    cooler. Placing a cooler in the entertainment room or dining room
    helps keep all of your guests out of the kitchen while you are
    cooking. It will also save room in the refrigerator for your
    Thanksgiving food and prevents your refrigerator from constant
    opening and closing, which can raise the temperature of the
    refrigerator’s interior and waste energy.
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