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Importance of Replacing Your Refrigerator’s Filter

If your
refrigerator features a water dispenser or an ice cube maker, it is
important to regularly change the filter. It can be difficult to
remember, but just like getting your car’s oil changed, failure to do
it will eventually catch up to you.


too long to replace your filter will hinder your dispenser’s
performance. If your filter is clogged with dirt and other
contaminants, it will restrict the flow of water when you get a
drink. If you notice that your dispenser’s stream has slowed to a
trickle, it is probably time to replace your filter.
dirty filter will also affect the purity of your drinking water.
After a filter’s lifespan has expired, it is no longer able to
effectively remove the chemicals and other pollutants normally found
in your tap water. In the worst case scenario, leaving the filter
unchanged for too long can lead to the growth of bacteria, which
could wash off right into your drinking cup.
average, refrigerator manufacturers advise changing your filter every
six months. However, this is a broad recommendation and in reality it
is different for each household. If you have a family of four and
everyone consumes a lot of water every day, maybe three months would
be a healthier schedule. On the other hand, if you live alone and
rarely use your water dispenser, you could probably last eight months
without a replacement.
the water filter is different for every refrigerator, so refer to the
manual if you are unsure. Generally, the first thing you will want to
do is temporarily cut off the water flow so that it doesn’t spew out
when you remove the filter. Next, you will need to take out the
filter, which is usually found in the bottom of your refrigerator
behind the grille. The filter should easily come out and the new one
should fit right in its place. After swapping out the old one, close
the grille, turn on the water supply, and enjoy your clean water.
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