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How to Get the Most Out of Your Refrigerator

If you
have recently purchased a refrigerator, you are aware of how
expensive of an appliance it is. Chances are that your fridge set you
back several hundreds of dollars, if not more. When making a purchase
as expensive as a refrigerator, you want to get the most out of your
money. These tips below will maximize your fridge’s lifespan and help
add to its everyday value.

  • Follow a proper
    maintenance schedule.
    an adequate maintenance routine is the best way to maximize your
    refrigerator’s lifespan. Staying on top of tasks like cleaning the
    condenser coils will cut down on the wear-and-tear of your fridge
    and keep it running efficiently. See an example of a good
    refrigerator maintenance schedule here.
  • Stock your
    refrigerator and freezer.
    refrigerator and freezer both operate best when they are
    well-stocked. If your fridge is filled with items, they will help
    keep each other cold when the door is opened. In addition to
    reducing the amount of electricity that your refrigerator consumes,
    it should also make your perishable food items last longer.
  • Store food in the
    right places.
    Different foods
    should be stored in different sections of the refrigerator. Items
    which are susceptible to spoiling, such as meats and dairy, should
    be stored at the bottom because that’s where it is the coldest.
    Likewise, items like condiments should be kept on the door because
    temperatures fluctuate the most there. Everything you need to know
    about this can be found here.
  • Move the fridge a
    couple of inches forward.
    order to allow for proper ventilation, the back of your refrigerator
    should be at least six inches away from the wall. In order for a
    refrigerator to stay cool, it removes internal heat, which escapes
    through the back of the unit. Having adequate ventilation is a key
    for the energy efficiency and operation of your appliance.
  • Stay organized.
    Keeping the inside of your
    refrigerator organized is the best way to maximize space. Instead of
    putting things wherever they will immediately fit, taking the time
    to sort your food out will let you fit more in your fridge than you
    knew was possible. Here are 8 tips to organizing your fridge.
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