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How to Prevent Foods from Transferring Odors in the Fridge

If you
have ever left a cling-wrapped bowl of chopped onions in the
refrigerator overnight, you already know that smells and flavors are
capable of intermingling in the fridge. For those of us who have been
fortunate enough not to learn this lesson the hard way, take this
warning: foods with strong odors can and will transfer their flavors
onto other foods.
The two
biggest culprits of this are garlic and onions, as they are some of
the strongest smelling and tasting ingredients found in the kitchen.
Commonly infected foods include milk, cheeses, butter, and eggs.
your food tasting as it should with these tips:
  • Store food in
    sealed containers.
    it comes to containing strong odors, plastic wrapped plates aren’t
    enough. Instead, use lidded storage containers with thick walls and
    airtight seals.
  • Use baking soda.
    soda is truly a versatile thing; you can use it to clean your teeth,
    do your laundry, and even deodorize your fridge. Just open up a box
    and stick it on the top shelf, it naturally absorbs strong odors so
    your other food won’t.
  • Keep a safe
    you really want to play it safe, keep your strong-smelling foods
    isolated on the top shelf and your sensitive dairy products at the
    bottom of the refrigerator.
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