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Kitchen Safety Tips

kitchen is a wonderful place; it is where food comes to life and
hunger goes away. While it may be one of your favorite places in the
house, it is also one of the most dangerous. Hot pans, sharp knives,
and spills are all common kitchen hazards. Use these five tips to
stay safe next time you cook.
  • Turn off stove when
    you are done cooking.
    It can
    be easy to forget to turn off the stove-top or oven once you are done
    cooking. As soon as your food is ready, you just want to sit down
    and eat it, but is important to remember to completely shut off your
    stove first. Leaving it on wastes energy and is a fire hazard.
  • Turn pot handles
    towards back of stove.
    tip is especially important for readers with children. If you have a
    pot of boiling water and the handle is hanging over the front of the
    stove, kids will be able to pull on it and pour the scalding water
    all over themselves. Even if you don’t have kids, a swift bump with
    the hips can cause the pot to spill and leave you with painful
  • Cut away from your
    This is the first lesson
    in Knife Safety 101. When cutting foods, it is not uncommon for the
    knife to slip. If you are cutting away from your body, you will
    avoid the blade coming towards you in the event you mishandle it.
  • Beware of steam.
    Steam can cause burns just as
    easily as the surface it is rising from. If you are cooking with a
    covered pot or pan, be careful when removing the cover; get your
    hand out of the way as quickly as possible to avoid getting burned
    from the steam.
  • Ditch the loose
    Do not wear baggy
    clothing when cooking. Loose shirts or sleeves can get in the way
    and potentially catch on fire. This includes dangling jewelry too,
    as it can get caught on pot handles.
refrigerators can also present safety hazards, especially if they are
leaking. If your refrigerator isn’t operating properly, call the
services of 24/7 Refrigerator Repair. Serving Long Island and New
York City for more than 75 years, our technicians can be at your door
within one hour of your call. To learn more about or company or
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