Pros and Cons of a Bottom-Mounted Freezer

Just like people, fridges and freezers come in all shapes and sizes. Different models offer different pros and cons and require different kinds of maintenance and repairs. When it comes to the bottom-mounted freezer, there are a few things you should know before you get to.

The Good

They’re Great for Small Spaces.

Since the freezer is located below the fridge, you can easily fit certain bottom-freezer models into smaller spaces in your kitchen or garage. If you’re short on room for your appliances in an apartment or otherwise, this is a good option.

They Offer More Storage Space.

A big issue with side-by-side fridges/freezers is that the ice maker in the freezer usually limits the amount of storage space you can use. You can also customize the drawers and shelves in your bottom-mounted freezer to allow for different storage options. Plus, if your fridge has french doors, you also get more storage space in the fridge itself.

The Door Slides Instead of Swings.

While this may seem trivial, being able to quickly slide the freezer drawer open instead of having to swing it open can save you time and allow you to quickly grab what you need.


The Bad

They Cost More.

While the price will depend on the size and model you choose, bottom-mounted freezers tend to be more expensive in general. Beyond the initial buying price, the models that include French doors usually aren’t as energy efficient as other styles, costing you more in energy and repairs.


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