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Refrigerator Facts vs. Myths

is a lot of false information circulating around the World Wide Web;
it’s time to clear some things up, as far as home appliances go at
least. Read the five refrigerator-related statements below and
determine if each one is a fact or a myth – you may be surprised.
Fact or Myth? – Like a
car, refrigerators need basic maintenance.
Like your car needs periodic oil
changes and brake replacements, your refrigerator also needs a little
bit of care to run efficiently. Some things you can do to extend the
lifespan of your refrigerator include vacuuming the condenser coils
and regularly inspecting the gasket. Learn more about good fridge
maintenance here.
Fact or Myth? – Your
refrigerator only runs for a few hours a day.
Your refrigerator runs
around-the-clock. It is the only appliance in your home that works
24/7 to keep your food fresh and your beverages refreshing.
Fact or Myth? – It
doesn’t matter where in your refrigerator you store your food.
Some areas in your refrigerator
(such as the door) are warmer than others, which can leave food
susceptible to spoiling. To learn more about the best areas in your
refrigerator to store certain foods, click here.
Fact or Myth? – Keeping
your refrigerator full can help you use less energy.
Believe it or not, keeping your
fridge well-stocked can help save you money on your monthly energy
bill. A full fridge maintains its temperature better when the door is
opened, so the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the
inside off. Don’t overstock your fridge though, that could actually
reduce air circulation and lead to warm spots.
Fact or Myth? – All
repair services are created equal.
The same repair job done by two
different companies can yield two very different results. When you
are searching for an appliance repair service, you want a company
that provides fast, dependable service.
Refrigerator Repair provides same-day repairs on any make or model of
refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, or wine cooler. If you need help
fast, we also guarantee one-hour service to Long Island and New York
City. See why people have depended on us for over 75 years, call
866-782-9376 today.

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