Speedy Ways To Do Thanksgiving

Everyone is looking for ways to make the holiday season easier and that starts in the kitchen. There are a ton of quick and easy recipes for holiday treats online, but that isn’t where the real time saving comes in. You don’t realize how much time you waste being unorganized in the kitchen and these tips are going to help whip you into shape.

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Use a Cooler
This might seem a little out of place because this likely isn’t an outdoor gathering, but just listen to the benefits. If someone wants a condiment or needs a beverage, they can fiddle around in the cooler instead of your well organized refrigerator. The cooler should also be kept outside of the kitchen to cut down on the traffic in this already busy room. Give it a try this Thanksgiving and see if it helps.  

Make Appetizers Accessible
Once you have taken your meat and cheese platter out of the fridge, it is no longer your responsibility. Get a nice cutting board and leave a knife and plates on the table so that people can help themselves. This will allow you the time you so desperately need in the kitchen rather than passing out the appetizers.

Utilize Your Refrigerator
Your Thanksgiving refrigerator game plan should have been drawn up weeks ago so now you can execute. Hopefully you did a nice job of cutting down on unnecessary groceries this past week so that your refrigerator is relatively empty going into the big day. Make sure you designate a shelf to leftovers and commit to it early on so you don’t waste time rearranging things later in the night.

Hire a Server
If you can afford it, a server is going to make your life significantly easier this holiday season. All you have to do is the preparation and then your server will take care of the serving, cleaning and logistics of the day. When was the last time you really sat down and enjoyed a Thanksgiving with your family? Well, this is your chance.  

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