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How To Care For Your Refrigerator Gasket

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The gasket is the unsung hero of your refrigerator. It creates an air-tight seal between your fridge and the outside, keeping cold air in and warm air out. It is a key contributor to energy efficiency, but nobody pays attention to it until it breaks. If you want to make a change and show your gasket some love, here are a few ways you can do it.

Inspect it monthly.

Every few weeks, closely examine your gasket for cracks, loose edges, or signs of excessive wear. The gasket is usually the first component of a refrigerator to need replacement, and identifying it early can save you from a large spike in your electricity bill. Once there is even a small tear in the gasket, the air-tight seal is lost and warm air can enter your refrigerator when the door is shut.

Wipe it down with soap and water.

Just like anything else, your gasket gets dirty. Failure to clean it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Not only is this unsightly, it can be bad for your health and contaminate your food, too. Cleaning the gasket is simple, just wipe it down using a wet rag with a mild cleaning detergent.

Cover it in a thin coat of Vaseline.

Applying petroleum jelly to your refrigerator gasket can help tighten the seal and prevent it from cracking. Gaskets begin to dry out over time, which can lead to ripping and tearing. A thin layer of Vaseline every few months will help keep your gasket soft and elastic, prevent mildew growth, and strengthen the seal.

If your gasket does happen to break, the repair experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service can hook you up with a new one in no time! Our phone lines are open 24/7 and we guarantee one-hour service to New York City and Long Island, so call us anytime at 866-782-9376.

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3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Refrigerator Gasket

was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator? More specifically,
your refrigerator’s gasket? The gasket, also known as the seal, is
the rubber strip that runs around your refrigerator door. This
often-forgotten-about component is more important than most people realize,
and cleaning it should be high on your priority list.
are three reasons why you should regularly clean your refrigerator gasket:

To prevent mold and

nobody ever thinks to clean it, refrigerator gaskets are a common
hiding spot for mold. This is one of the worst places for a mold
infestation because it is in such close proximity to the food that
you eat every day. Keep mold away by scrubbing your gasket with a
non-abrasive sponge and a mild cleaning detergent every month.

To keep it from drying

gasket is almost always one of the refrigerator’s first components that needs
replacing. When left neglected, the rubber seal tends to dry out and
crack. This can have many negative effects, so it is recommended to
replace them as soon as possible if you notice visible signs of
wear-and-tear. Prevent this from happening to you by applying a thin
layer of Vaseline on your gasket every two months.

To keep your refrigerator

mentioned in the last section, a broken gasket can have multiple
negative effects on your refrigerator. First off, a crack in the seal
means that your fridge will lose cold air, even when the door is
closed. This increases the workload on your compressor, which can
shorten the lifespan of your appliance and cause a spike in your
energy bill.
If your
gasket is broken, a DIY replacement can be a pain in the neck.
Instead of worrying about finding one that fits properly and correctly
installing it yourself, contact the refrigeration experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service. We guarantee one-hour service to New York City
and Long Island, so give us a call at 866-782-9376.
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How To Clean Your Refrigerator’s Gasket

lifespan of the average refrigerator is roughly 15 years, but it
would take a miracle for your gasket to last that long. The gasket is
the rubber seal around the door of your refrigerator that is
responsible for keeping cold air in and warm air out. A
properly-functioning gasket is essential in keeping your electricity
bill low, but it is usually the first component to need replacing.
Follow this procedure once every two months to keep yours clean and
effective for as long as possible:

  1. Gently
    scrub around the entire gasket with warm water and soap to remove
    dirt and other grime.
  2. Completely
    dry the area with a clean towel.
  3. Place
    a small amount of Vaseline around the gasket to keep it lubricated
    and prevent it from drying out and cracking.
there is mold or mildew present on your gasket after scrubbing with
soap and water, follow these steps to remove it:
  1. Mix
    one part bleach with two parts water in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray
    black spots with the solution and allow to soak for ten minutes.
  3. Wipe
    the affected areas and repeat until all visible signs of mold are
    gone. Cotton swabs are good for cleaning small cracks and crevices.
  4. After
    all stains are removed, wash again with soap and water to remove all
    traces of the bleach.
  5. Apply
    Vaseline on the gasket to prevent it from drying out and cracking.
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