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How to Fix a Frosty Freezer


Does the inside of your freezer look like it was hit by a blizzard? Just follow the steps below to manually defrost your freezer, then find the cause of the problem to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  1. Unplug the freezer from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove all food and place it in a cooler or your second freezer to keep cool.
  3. For the quick method, melt the frost using a hair dryer on low heat. Make sure that the hair dryer doesn’t come in contact with any water, and don’t keep the nozzle pointed at one place for too long.
  4. For the longer method, line your freezer with towels and leave the door open overnight. The ice will eventually melt, and the towels will help prevent the water from leaking on to your floor.
  5. No matter which method you use, thoroughly dry the inside of your freezer with a clean towel in order to prevent mold.
  6. Plug your appliance back in and re-stock it with food.

Be advised that this method is only a band-aid approach. In order to prevent your freezer from frosting up again, you need to find the source of the problem. Here are a few common causes of frosty freezers:

  • Damaged gasket. The rubber gasket (or door seal) creates an airtight barrier between your fridge and the outside world. One small rip or tear in this seal can allow warm air to enter, even when the door is closed. The moisture from this warm air condenses and freezes, turning into frost.
  • Temperature set too low. Most freezers have an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature. Ideally, your freezer should be as close to 0° F as possible. Frost build up may indicate that your thermostat is set too low.
  • Freezer is too full. When your freezer is overfull, air can’t properly circulate, which causes frost to build up.

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How to Defrost Your Refrigerator

If you
don’t have a self-defrosting refrigerator, you may notice a layer of
ice accumulating in your freezer and on the back wall of your
refrigerator. If left unattended, this build up will only grow and
take up storage space, as well as increase your monthly energy bill.
It is
an unpleasant task that most of us would rather not do, but it’s
better to take a few minutes out of your day every six months than to
fork over money to the utility company and potentially the appliance
Here is
how to defrost your refrigerator in 20 minutes or less:
  1. Unplug
    the unit, open the refrigerator and freezer doors, and remove all
    items from the inside. You can place your food in a cooler if you
    wish, but it is not necessary since this will be a quick job.
  2. Remove
    all shelves and drawers from the refrigerator. You can take
    advantage of this opportunity to wash them off in the sink if you’d
  3. Place
    a towel at the foot of the refrigerator to minimize flooding/pooling
    of water.
  4. Using
    a hair dryer, heat around the outside of the ice build up. The
    intention is to melt the edges just enough so you can remove it in
    one chunk instead of letting a stream of water run down your
  5. Use
    a plastic spatula to remove the ice build up.
  6. Wipe
    your refrigerator dry, replace the shelves and food, close the
    doors, and plug your appliance back in. That’s it!
If you
are defrosting your refrigerator and discover any kind of leaking or
loud, unusual noises, call 24/7 Refrigerator Repair at 866-782-9376.
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