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How to Keep Food Cold in a Broken Refrigerator

If your
refrigerator is broken, you don’t have much time before the food
inside of it spoils. If you live in Long Island, you can call 24/7
Refrigerator Repair at (866) 782-9376 and get 1-hour emergency
service to avoid this problem altogether. However, if your appliance
repairman doesn’t offer same-day service, you will need to find a way
to keep your food fresh.


Alternative Food Storing
If your
refrigerator is broken and you are waiting for service, the best bet
to keep your food fresh is to store is somewhere else. Here are some
alternative storage options:
  • Spare refrigerator.
    The ideal solution in this
    situation is to have a spare refrigerator which is
    fully-functioning. If this is the case, remove all of the items (or
    as many as will fit) from your primary refrigerator and store them
    in the spare until it is fixed.
  • Cooler. If
    you do not have a spare refrigerator, a cooler could be a viable
    option if you only need to wait a day or two. Pack all of the
    perishable food items that will fit into your cooler and fill it
    with a substantial amount of ice. Make sure to refill with fresh ice
    when it starts to melt.
  • Outside. It
    is now December, so if you live in a cold climate you can store your
    food outside as a last resort. If you do not have a cooler, you can
    store items in a plastic bin or cardboard box in your garage or shed
    to avoid animals eating it. If you decide to use this method, use
    extreme caution because temperature fluctuations in the weather can
    thaw frozen foods or promote bacteria growth in meat and dairy.
Keep Your Refrigerator
If you
don’t own a spare refrigerator or cooler and the temperature is too
warm for outside storage, you will have to do everything you can to
keep your refrigerator cold. The most effective ways to do this are:
  • Open it sparingly.
    The less you open your
    refrigerator, the less cold air escapes from it. If your
    refrigerator is broken and you are waiting for a repair, help keep
    your food cold by minimizing the amount of times you open your
    refrigerator. If you have to open it, take out everything you will
    need in the next hour to prevent opening it again.
  • Cover it in
    Wrapping your
    refrigerator in newspapers and blankets is a good way to insulate it
    and prevent it from losing cold air.
  • Use dry ice. If
    your appliance repair company doesn’t offer same day service and you
    have to wait two or more days to get your refrigerator fixed,
    consider using dry ice to keep your food cold. DryIceInfo.com
    recommends a ten pound slab of dry ice for every 12 hours that your
    refrigerator is without power – you can learn more by clicking here.
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