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Common Food Safety Mistakes

a small mistake can have big consequences, especially when it comes
to food safety. Some foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella, only
require 20 cells to be consumed before you become sick. Don’t be one
of the 48 million Americans that will get food poisoning this year,
avoid making these common food safety mistakes.
Thawing Food on the
In an effort to quickly defrost their frozen food, many people put it
on the counter for a couple of hours. The problem with this is that
pathogens on your food grow extremely quick at room temperature. Thaw
your food in the refrigerator or in cold water; if you are in a rush,
use the microwave.
Washing Hands Enough
Washing your hands is vital in limiting your contact with harmful
bacteria – both inside the kitchen and out. For an effective hand
wash, use soap and warm water, and wash your hands for at least 20
seconds. You should be washing your hands several times throughout
the food-prepping process, especially if raw meat is involved.
Replacing Sponges & Dish Rags
Sponges and dish towels are two of the dirtiest items in your entire
kitchen. Sponges provide a moist, dark climate that bacteria thrives
in, and multi-purpose rags are a leading cause of
cross-contamination. Have separate towels for the dishes, wiping down
counters, drying hands, etc. and make sure to wash them in hot water
Undercooked Meat
Do not rely solely on sight and taste to determine if your meat is
fully cooked, the only way to know for sure is with a food
thermometer. Harmful bacteria can still live in cooked meat unless it
has been thoroughly heated all the way through to at least 160° F.
Your Refrigerator Too Warm
Food safety experts refer to anything warmer than 40° F as “The
Danger Zone” because bacteria growth rates begin to rapidly spike
at this temperature. Keep bacteria at a standstill by keeping your
refrigerator between 32-38° F.
View more common food safety mistakes at FoodSafety.gov
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