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Best Refrigerator Brands

As humans, we always want the best – it’s in our DNA. You don’t go
into a restaurant and ask what the worst item on the menu is, or ask
your barber for the worst haircut that money can buy. It’s the same thing
with your home appliances; you want something good that will last.
why Consumer Reports exists – to help you, the buyer, get the best
product for your money. For over 75 years, Consumer Reports has
performed extensive in-house testing and research on the world’s most popular
brands and products in order to separate the good from the bad.
are the best refrigerator brands, as determined by them.
  • Top Freezer models.
    These are the traditional
    refrigerators, with the freezer located atop the fresh food
    compartment. They are also the cheapest. Consumer Reports states
    that there are many good models in this category, but the most
    consistent brands are Frigidaire,
    Haier, LG,
    and Kenmore. They
    recommend avoiding Amana, GE, Maytag, and Whirlpool.
  • Bottom Freezer
    The bottom-freezer refrigerator segment has experienced large growth recently, thanks to the rising
    popularity of French-door and four-door models. Consumer Report’s best bottom
    freezer brands include Amana,
    Kenmore, KitchenAid,
    LG, Maytag,
    Samsung, and
    Whirlpool. They also
    recommend staying away from Electrolux and Frigidaire, which was a
    recommended brand in the top freezer category.
  • Side by Side models.
    The market for side-by-side
    refrigerators may be shrinking, but you can still get a high-quality
    model if you stick with Frigidaire,
    LG, Maytag,
    and Samsung.
    Consumer Reports warns that Amana, Electrolux, GE, Kenmore, and
    Whirlpool tend to be less consistent, and says to avoid KitchenAid
    at all costs.
matter what brand you purchase, there is no guarantee that it won’t
break down eventually. When that time comes, the repair experts at
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Refrigerator Buying Guide

refrigerators have an average lifespan of 12-15 years, so it isn’t
too often you find yourself in the appliance store looking for a new
one. If you haven’t been refrigerator shopping within the past
decade, you may be overwhelmed with the shiny new models and
high-tech features, but don’t be.
follow this step-by-step refrigerator buying guide to find the one
that’s right for you:
  1. Try
    Repairing First.
    If you
    are buying a new refrigerator to replace an existing, broken unit,
    it may be worth your while to try repairing it first. Many times,
    your refrigerator can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of a new
  1. Set
    a Budget.
    If buying a new
    refrigerator is your only option, the first thing you will want to
    do is set a budget. The fancy features on some of these new
    refrigerators may entice you, but you will quickly shop yourself out
    of your price range if you are not careful.
  1. Choose
    a Style.
    After setting a
    budget, you will want to choose which type of refrigerator you want.
    Refrigerators come in four styles: top-freezer, bottom-freezer,
    side-by-side, and French door. Each one offers their own advantages
    and disadvantages, learn about them here.
  1. Size
    it Up.
    After choosing a
    basic style, measure your kitchen to find out how much space you
    have to work with. Then measure again. There is nothing worse than
    thinking you have found the perfect fridge, then bringing it home
    only to find out it is too big for your space.
  1. Shop
    Before making your
    final purchase, check out a few different retailers to see who
    offers the best price. There are several nationwide appliance
    chains, local stores, and even online retailers that you can choose
    from, you want to make sure you are getting the most value for your
  1. Make a Purchase.
    you have found the best deal on a refrigerator that suits your needs
    and wants, it’s time to make the purchase. Be sure you know what is
    included in the price you pay; many companies offer free delivery
    and pick up of your old fridge.
you have decided to repair your existing refrigerator instead of
buying a new one, look no further than the refrigeration experts at
Speedy Refrigerator Service. For more than 75 years, Long Island
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