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5 Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

It is a
problem we have all experienced at one point or another; your
refrigerator just isn’t big enough. However, with a little
organization magic, you can fit more food in there than you ever
thought possible. If you are constantly finding yourself running out
of room in your refrigerator, use these five tips to maximize space
and keep your food fresh for longer.
1. Store Your Condiments
on the Door.
Because of its repeated exposure to the warm outside air, the
refrigerator door is by far the warmest area of your fridge, with
temperatures often exceeding 40° F. For this reason, you should
avoid storing your milk here, and instead use it for items which are
resistant to spoiling; such as condiments, salad dressing, and
bottled water.
2. Keep Leftovers
Keep leftover foods and other ready-to-eat items (such as yogurt) in
the front of your fridge, as close to eye level as possible. This
will ensure that you don’t forget about them and eat them before they
go bad.
3. Avoid Using Circular
Whenever you have leftover food in need of storage, opt for square or
rectangular containers. Since they are unable to line up edge-to-edge
with one another, circular containers waste precious space.
4. Store Raw Meats on the
Bottom Shelf.
Raw beef, poultry, and fish should all be kept on the lowest shelf of
your refrigerator. Not only will it maximize their shelf life since
it is the coldest area of the refrigerator, it will also prevent them
from dripping down and contaminating food below.
5. Maximize Vertical
The easiest way to fit more food in your fridge is by maximizing
vertical space. If there is unused space between the bottom side of
your shelf and the food below it, take advantage of it by stacking
containers (square ones, obviously) or buying a shelf riser and
placing delicate items such as eggs and bread beneath it.
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Top or Bottom Shelf: Does It Matter?

Do you
actively think about where you put things when you place them in the
fridge? Or do you just stick them wherever they will fit? The truth
is, most of us pay little-to-no mind about this, but good
refrigerator organization can actually help keep your food fresh for
Here is
how you should be storing the food in your refrigerator:
  • The Top Shelves: The
    upper shelves in your refrigerator should be used to keep foods
    which do not require cooking, such as beverages and ready-to-eat
    snacks. Placing your leftovers here will help keep them
    front-and-center, ensuring you don’t forget to eat them before they
  • The Bottom Shelves:
    It is recommended to keep raw
    meat, dairy, and other foods which are sensitive to spoiling on the
    bottom shelves of your refrigerator, as this area is generally the
    coldest. Keeping your meat here also prevents it from dripping down
    and contaminating the foods below it.
  • The Crisper Drawers:
    These are generally located at
    the very bottom of the refrigerator, and are specially designed for
    your fruits and vegetables. By controlling the humidity level, they
    create an optimal environment for produce; keep your fruits in one
    drawer and your vegetables in the other.
  • The Door: Because
    of the constant opening and closing throughout the day, the door is
    the warmest area of the refrigerator. Avoid storing eggs and milk
    here and instead use it for condiments, dressings, bottled water,
    and other foods which are resistant to spoiling.
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