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Refrigerator Terms Glossary | Speedy Refrigerator Service

Refrigerator Terms Glossary

jargon can be confusing in a lot of industries – refrigeration is
no exception. This glossary makes it easy to understand terms
commonly used when talking about refrigerators.
Adjustable Shelving: the
ability to remove the shelves in your refrigerator and place them in
different levels. This flexibility allows for the storage of large or
odd-shaped items.
Auto Defrost:
automatically prevents the
buildup of ice on the back of the refrigerator by heating the back
wall for a short period of time to melt any ice that may have formed.
The water is usually drained through a duct in the back.
Compressor: essentially
the heart of your refrigerator. A low pressure gas is pumped into the
compressor, which compresses it into a high pressure gas, raising its
temperature. The gas is then moved to the condenser for the next step
of the refrigeration cycle.
Condenser: the
heat exchanger of the refrigerator. The condenser removes the heat
from the gas and condenses it into a liquid refrigerant which, with
the help of some other parts, keeps the inside of your refrigerator
Crisper Drawer: drawers,
usually located on the bottom of the fresh food section of your
refrigerator, with adjustable humidity settings to keep your produce
fresh for as long as possible.
Digital Display: a
small screen on the inside of some refrigerators which displays the
Door Gasket: the
rubber strip found on the inside of your refrigerator door. The
gasket acts as a seal to minimize heat exchange between the inside of
the refrigerator and the rest of your kitchen.
Drain Pan: located
out of sight next to the compressor, the drain pain collects water
produced during the defrost cycle of your refrigerator.
Energy Rating: an
industry standard rating ranging from A-G which indicates how much
energy your refrigerator consumes when operating normally.
Ice Maker: a
device located in the freezer compartment of some models which
receives water from the inlet valve, freezes it into ice cubes, and
automatically fills the ice bin.
Leveling Legs: adjustable
legs located at the base of your refrigerator to allow it to maintain
level on uneven surfaces.
Manual Defrost:
refrigerators without an
auto-defrost feature must be manually defrosted to remove any ice
that has built up. The process of manually defrosting a refrigerator
requires the user to unplug it from the wall and wait for the ice to
Multi-Zone Cooling: A
feature which allows for multiple zones in your refrigerator to be
set to different temperatures. This is primarily used for cooling
wines and chilling small items (such as soda cans) quickly.
Noise Level: Measured
in dBs, the noise level specifies how loud or quiet your refrigerator
will be when running.
Reversible Door: the
ability for the hinges on your refrigerator doors to be located on
either the left or right side.
Thermostat: a
temperature-triggered switch which toggles the compressor on and off
to maintain the desired temperature inside the refrigerator.
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