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Benefits of Counter-Depth Refrigerators

refrigerators are becoming increasingly common in homes everywhere. A
counter-depth fridge is a full-sized model which is designed to be
flush with your kitchen’s cabinetry once it is installed. These
refrigerators vary in capacities, styles, and depths – as do
kitchen cabinets – but most models are around 25” deep. This
style of refrigerator offers many benefits, such as:

  • Style. The
    main reason people install counter-depth refrigerators into their
    kitchens is for the aesthetic value they provide. Because they are
    flush with your kitchen cabinets, they do not look bulky while
    protruding into your kitchen’s floor space. You can also add custom
    finishes to the front of some models to seamlessly match your
    refrigerator with the rest of your kitchen.
  • Space. Another
    benefit of counter-depth refrigerators, especially in smaller
    kitchens, is the space that they save. The few inches of extra space
    that they provide can make a big difference in creating more room
    for traffic flow, furniture, or even artwork on a wall.
  • Storage. To
    compensate for the lack of depth, these refrigerators are often
    wider than standard-depth models. This can allow for the storage of
    wide trays and other objects which may not be possible to store in
    standard refrigerators. The shorter depth also allows for easier
    access to your food, especially the items in the back.
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