The Refrigerator Dictionary

Webster’s gave us the responsibility of designing a dictionary specifically for our industry. They said they wanted the team who had 75 years of experience to lay out a few terms that homeowners should know about the most important appliance in their home–the refrigerator. So here we go with our first edition of the Speedy Dictionary for Refrigerators!

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Compressor: This is the powerhouse of your entire unit. The compressor compresses low pressure gas into high pressured gas to adjust its temperature. Once this process is complete, it moves into the condenser for the next step of the process.

Condenser: This is where all the magic happens. This part of your fridge condenses that gas from the compressor into a liquid refrigerant that helps keep your refrigerator cold.

Crisper Drawers: This is how you keep all those fresh fruit and veggies from spoiling. These drawers are usually located on the bottom of your refrigerator with adjustable humidity settings for specific types of produce. Make sure you take good care of these drawers however, they collect bacteria rather quickly.  

Gasket: This is the rubber lining that works it’s way around the door of your refrigerator. While it might look unimportant, it is actually crucial to maintaining an efficient refrigerator. It locks that cool air in and a faulty gasket needs to be dealt with immediately.

Drain Pan: Your drain pan is located out of sight next to your compressor and it has a very important job. It collects all of the excess water that is left over after the defrost cycle so that it doesn’t wind up on your floor.

Energy Rating: This is important for those environmentally conscious homeowners out there. Energy Star rates your unit on a scale from A-G based on how well it operates in normal conditions. The higher the rating, the less energy is consumed.  

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