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Top 3 Reasons for Refrigerator Condensation

occurs when warm, humid air comes in contact with a cold surface. As
the warm air cools, it releases its moisture in the form of water
droplets. If you are experiencing condensation in your refrigerator,
it is a sure sign that all is not well.

below to discover the top three reasons for condensation in your
  • Faulty Gasket.
    main reason for condensation in your refrigerator is a defective
    gasket. The rubber seal around the door is responsible for keeping
    out warm air, but it is prone wearing out. To test if yours is
    operating effectively, close your refrigerator door on a dollar
    bill. If you can easily move the dollar up and down or remove it,
    you should replace your gasket immediately.
  • Clogged Drain
    clogged drain pipe doesn’t necessarily cause condensation, but it
    can lead to the pooling water at the bottom of your refrigerator,
    which can easily be mistaken for condensation. If this tube is
    clogged by ice, you can melt it with a little bit of hot water or a
    well-placed hair dryer. If something else is causing the blockage,
    try using a toothpick or drinking straw to dislodge the debris.
  • Hot Food. Placing
    food in the refrigerator immediately after it is done cooking could
    be the source of your condensation. If your hot food is stored in
    Tupperware with a lid, condensation is sure to form within the
    container. Placing hot food in the fridge also raises the
    appliance’s internal temperature, making it work harder to keep cool
    and increasing your energy consumption.
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