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5 Genius Ways to Use Your Ice Cube Tray

you ever considered using your ice cube trays for something other
than making ice? The truth is, these little plastic trays are often
overlooked, but they can be a great tool for your next dinner party,
cocktail party, or pasta night.
out these five genius ways to use your ice cube trays for something
other than making frozen water.
Single-Serve Pasta Sauce
doesn’t love a homemade pasta dinner every once in a while? The
problem with pasta is that if you are only making it for yourself,
the sauce will often go bad before you can eat it all. Solve this by
pouring a jar of your favorite marinara sauce into an ice cube tray
and freezing it. Next time you make a single serving of pasta, just
reheat a cube and you will have the perfect amount of sauce!
Iced Coffee
If you
are a fan of iced coffee, you know that you need to guzzle down your
entire cup before the ice melts, or else it becomes too watered-down.
But, if you fill your ice cube tray with coffee and use these ice
cubes in your next batch, you can casually sip your iced coffee and
not worry about the flavor becoming diluted.
Homemade Popsicles
probably learned to make these as children, but in case you forgot,
here are three easy steps to a tasty frozen treat:
  • Fill
    an ice cube tray with your favorite fruit juice.
  • Cover
    the tray in a layer of plastic wrap and stick a toothpick in each
  • Place
    the tray in the freezer, wait for the juice to freeze, and enjoy!
Jello Shots
Get the
party started with some jello shots! Forget the paper cups; save time
and the environment by concocting these adult beverages in an ice
cube tray instead. Don’t know where to start? Try this blueberry
martini Jello shots recipe.
Frozen Chocolate
strawberries are a classic dinner party dessert, but making enough
for all of your guests to enjoy can be tedious and time-consuming. To
speed up the process, fill as many ice cube trays as you need
two-thirds of the way with melted chocolate. Then, place a fresh
strawberry in each slot and stick in the freezer for about an hour.
You know have a delicious, chocolate covered fruit for all to enjoy!
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