3 Reasons to LOVE Your Refrigerator

Your Valentine is not the only thing that needs loving this Valentine’s Day. After all, they cause you a lot of headache while your refrigerator is always there for you keeping you fed and happy. Now we wouldn’t suggest running out on your real Valentine, but make sure you give your refrigerator the love it needs this Valentine’s Day. Here are THREE of the many reasons we should love our refrigerators»

refrigerator repair- Valentine's Day

Before the days of refrigerators, buying, storing, eating and consuming food was a much more difficult process. Butcher shops, markets and grocers would have to sell produce the day of and if it wasn’t sold, it would go to waste. This inefficient system needed a solution and it came in the form of refrigerators. Now that markets could sell and store produce for longer periods of time, the cost of meat and poultry decreased and became available to the masses. The refrigerator changed the way we eat forever.

Special Features
Modern refrigerators use less energy, they’re bigger and they have special features to make your life easier. There are water filters, ice makers and now they even have Wi-Fi refrigerators that can play music! Along with the rest of the appliance industry, refrigerators have evolved with the ever changing technological landscape.

The Endless Possibilities
Your refrigerator holds all the ingredients you’ll need to make your favorite meals, snacks and desserts come to life. Whether you want a tasty pork loin or a strawberry shortcake, the process starts and ends in the fridge–literally. You owe your fridge/ it owes you for all the tasty and sometimes not so healthy goodies that it helps you create.

Here at Speedy Refrigerator Service, we have been loving your refrigerators for over 75 years. We love all makes and models and we handle them with care. Our experienced team drives around the New York City and Nassau County areas in our ‘Warehouse on Wheels’ that is stocked with parts to fix almost every refrigerator. We are quick, effective and affordable, call us today!

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