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4 Foods That Shouldn’t Be Refrigerated

was raised a little differently in regards to food storage. Foods
like ketchup, jams, and certain fruits could either go in the fridge
or the kitchen cabinet, depending on the person’s house you are in. While
there is debate with some types of foods, these four items should
irrefutably be kept out of the refrigerator.



Why can’t I store oils in the fridge?
The cold temperature of the refrigerator causes most oils –
especially olive and coconut – to thicken into a butter-like
Where is the best place to store oils?
Oils are perfectly fine being stored at room temperature either in
your food pantry or on your kitchen counter.
Why can’t I store bread in the fridge?
While refrigerating bread does prevent it from molding, it also
causes it to become tough and chewy. The cold temperatures also
accelerates the time it takes for the bread to become stale.
Where is the best place to store bread?
For a fresh loaf, wrap your bread in a plastic bag and store it in a
bread box or a cool, dark space in your pantry.
Why can’t I store apples in the fridge?
Refrigerating apples causes them to rapidly lose their flavor and
texture. After a few days in the fridge, these crisp fruits become
mushy and soggy.
Where is the best place to store apples?
Apples will stay fresh for a long time if you wrap them in a plastic
bag and leave them on the counter. For a cold, crisp bite, you can
put your apple in the refrigerator 30 minutes before eating it.
Maple Syrup
Why can’t I store maple syrup in the fridge?
“Fake” maple syrup, or the kind you find in most grocery stores
that contains high fructose corn syrup, can be refrigerated without a
problem. However, refrigerating pure maple syrup, which naturally
comes straight from maple trees, causes the sugars to crystallize and
become goopy.
Where is the best place to store maple syrup?
If you have a jar of pure maple syrup, it can safely be stored in
your food pantry for 1-2 years. Unopened jars can keep their
freshness for as long as 50 years.
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