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What You Need to Know About the Temperature of Your Refrigerator

temperature of your refrigerator is important. It not only impacts
how refreshing your beverages are, but also how long your food stays
fresh. This article explains what the ideal temperature is for your
refrigerator, as well as how to keep it at that temperature.

Best temperature for
the temperature in your refrigerator should range from 35-38° F.
Anything lower than 35° and you risk freezing your foods and liquids
(milk slushy, anyone?). If you go higher than 38°, you approach what
some experts call “The Danger Zone”. At 40° and above, the
Danger Zone is the temperature range where bacteria growth rates
How to maintain your
refrigerator’s temperature.
refrigerators have a programmable thermostat which allows the owner
to select the temperature they prefer. However, many of these
thermostats use a “1-10” or “cold-coldest” scale instead of
indicating the exact temperature.
So, if
your refrigerator’s thermostat doesn’t have a precise temperature
setting, how can you be for certain that your food isn’t in the
danger zone? There is only one way to be 100% sure, and that is to
buy a refrigerator thermometer.
If you
buy a refrigerator thermometer and closely monitor it, you will
notice that the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, which is
not good for you food. To keep your refrigerator’s temperature as
stable as possible, use the following tips:
  • Check
    your refrigerator’s seal strength by closing the door on a dollar
    bill. If you can easily slide it up and down or remove it, your seal
    is weak and could be allowing cold air to escape.
  • Keep
    your refrigerator well stocked. A fridge full of food maintains its
    temperature better when the door is opened than an empty fridge.
    Avoid over-stuffing it, however because a fridge that is too full
    will restrict air circulation and lead to warm spots.
  • Minimize how many times you open your refrigerator. If you are
    preparing a meal that calls for several refrigerated items, take
    them all out in one trip and do the same when you put them back.

  • Let hot food cool down before you put it in the refrigerator.
    Putting in food that is still warm can heat up the food around it,
    and the entire refrigerator.

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