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4 Keys to Refrigerator Maintenance

aren’t cheap – and refrigerators are no exception. New
refrigerators start at several hundreds of dollars, and top-end
models can easily sell for several thousands. No matter how much you
paid for yours, chances are you will want it to last as long as
possible. Save yourself from refrigerator breakdowns by following
these four simple tips, courtesy of the experts at 24/7 Refrigerator

Clean the Condenser Coils
coils are located on the back of your refrigerator, and are a key
component to your refrigerator’s operation. Even in the cleanest of
homes, these coils accumulate hair, dust, and dirt over the course of
several months. Taking a few minutes to clean them every six months
will go a long way to preserving your refrigerator over time. To
clean them, simply slide your fridge away from the wall and vacuum
the coils with your cleaner’s brush attachment.
Keep it Full
your refrigerator full will help it maintain its temperature when the
door is open. The benefit of this, besides a consistent temperature
for your food, is that your compressor won’t have to work as hard.
The compressor is the most vital part of a refrigerator and saving it
from daily wear and tear adds up over your appliance’s lifespan. Be
careful though, as overstocking your fridge could prevent proper air
circulation and lead to warm spots.
Give the Refrigerator
Adequate Space
sure there is at least a six inch gap between the back of your
refrigerator and the wall. The back of the refrigerator contains
components which are constantly working and generating heat. Leaving
enough space ensures adequate ventilation and will prevent your unit
from overheating.
Check Your Seals
refrigerator door is lined with a rubber seal which is also known as
a gasket. This seal remains air tight to keep the cold air in your
fridge. A faulty seal will allow the cold air to be lost to the
outside and warm air to enter it, which will make your compressor
work harder to maintain the temperature. An easy way to test the
strength of your refrigerator’s seal is to close the door on a dollar
bill. If you can easily remove or slide the dollar up and down, you
should replace the seal immediately.
If your
refrigerator is giving you issues, there is a chance you could repair
it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. If you live in Nassau
County or New York City and are having refrigerator issues, call 24/7
Refrigerator Service at 866-782-9376 to schedule an appointment with
a trained technician. You can also connect with us on social media
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