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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Refrigerator Maintenance

invested hundreds of dollars (if not more) into your refrigerator,
don’t you want it to last as long as possible? Your refrigerator is
one of the only things in your home that runs around the clock, yet
many people seem to forget that it needs basic routine maintenance.
If you
are looking to keep your refrigerator in good shape for as long as
possible, here is some advice on how to properly maintain it.
Do vacuum your condenser
they are located on the back of the refrigerator, condenser coils are
constantly forgotten about. The condenser coils are where your
refrigerator releases a lot of heat, which it cannot effectively do
if they are covered in dust. Clean these every six months with your
vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment.
Don’t neglect your
gasket is the rubber seal that lines your refrigerator door. It is
responsible for keeping cold air in and warm air out, but it is often
the first component of the refrigerator to need replacing. Apply a
thin layer of Vaseline on the gasket every two months to strengthen
the seal and prevent it from drying out and cracking, which leads to
air loss.
Do give six inches of
work by removing heat from items and
releasing it to the outside. This heat needs a place to escape, which
is why it is important to leave six inches of space on all sides of
the refrigerator. Putting it too close to cabinets or the wall can cause overheating.
Don’t open the door all
of the time.
time you open the refrigerator door, as much as 40% of the cold air
can escape. This number is even higher when you stand there with the door
open, searching for something to eat (hey, we all do it). Reduce the
workload on your compressor and cut your energy bills by opening the
door less and keeping it open for shorter periods of time.
Do call a technician if
you suspect something is wrong.
usually don’t happen overnight – most of the time your refrigerator
will give you warning signs before malfunctioning. If you notice that
your fridge is making loud noises, leaking, or constantly cycling
on and off, you should call in a professional repairman before it
leads to bigger problems.
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4 Ways to Extend Your Refrigerator’s Lifespan

average lifespan of a brand new refrigerator is roughly 15 years,
depending on the model, size, and upkeep. However, even the best
refrigerators on the market won’t live to see 10 if you don’t give
them a little bit of TLC every now and again.
Avoid a
trip to the appliance store and extend the lifespan of your
refrigerator by following these four simple tips:
  • Vacuum your
    condenser coils.
    These coils
    are usually located on the back of your refrigerator and can
    accumulate a thick layer of dust over time. Clean these every six
    months with your vacuum to avoid putting extra wear-and-tear and
    your fridge.
  • Maintain the gasket.
    The gasket is the rubber seal
    that runs around the perimeter of your refrigerator door, and keeps
    the warm air out. These gaskets are known to crack, which can cause
    your refrigerator to lose cold air. Periodically wipe the gasket
    clean with soap and water and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to keep
    it from drying out and cracking.
  • Keep away from heat
    Keeping your
    refrigerator away from sources of heat reduces the amount of work
    that the compressor must undergo in order to maintain a cold
    temperature. This includes heat-generating appliances such as your
    stove, but also avoid exposure to direct sunlight if possible.
  • Avoid keeping the
    door open.
    Every time you open
    your refrigerator door, you lose a little bit of cold air. Keeping
    the door open for long periods of time will cause you to lose more
    than just a little warm air, and your refrigerator will have to work
    harder to cool down. When you are making a recipe which calls for
    multiple refrigerated items, take them all out in one trip and try
    to avoid staring into an open fridge looking for something to eat
    (hey, we all do it!).
If your
refrigerator is on the fritz, replacing it isn’t always necessary.
Often times, you can get your refrigerator fixed for the fraction of
the cost of buying a new model. If you live in New York, New Jersey,
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Top 5 Articles of 2014

refrigeration experts at 24/7 Refrigerator Repair dedicate their time
to share their wealth of knowledge to anyone who is willing to read
it in the form of our official blog. Since August, we have published
more than 25 blogs for our visitors to read and share. Now that 2015
is upon us, let’s take a look at our 5 most-viewed articles from last
year. If any of these articles interest you, click the title to be taken straight to the webpage.

household has their own unique set of rules about which foods should
be refrigerated and which foods should be stored in the pantry. Some
foods – such as ketchup or grape jelly – can safely be stored
warm or cold, but there are four specific foods that shouldn’t be
refrigerated under any circumstance. Learn what those foods are in
this article.
Like a
car, your refrigerator will run for longer with a regular maintenance
schedule. And because they store items such as raw meats, dairy, and
leftover food, refrigerators can quickly develop bacteria and
unpleasant odors if left unattended. This article gives a full
maintenance and cleaning routine with detailed instructions to help
extend your refrigerator’s lifespan.
Due to
their aesthetic appeal and upscale appearance, counter-depth
refrigerators are growing in popularity across the country. They are
more than just a pretty face, however and offer many benefits to
their owners. If you are thinking about investing in a counter-depth
refrigerator for your kitchen or would like to learn more about the
style, give this article a read.
the average refrigerator lasts roughly 12 years, it is not too often
that you find yourself in the appliance store looking for a new one.
So many advancements and improvements have been made to refrigerators
in the past ten years, that it can be difficult to determine which
models are better than others. If you are currently shopping for a
new refrigerator, read this short article to help you pick the one
that is best for you and your kitchen.
though we are named 24/7 Refrigerator Repair, we
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makers, and wine coolers too. If you live in New York City or Long
Island and are in need of a refrigeration repair service, see if we
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Refrigerator Repair is a repair service located in New York. Our
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4 Keys to Refrigerator Maintenance

aren’t cheap – and refrigerators are no exception. New
refrigerators start at several hundreds of dollars, and top-end
models can easily sell for several thousands. No matter how much you
paid for yours, chances are you will want it to last as long as
possible. Save yourself from refrigerator breakdowns by following
these four simple tips, courtesy of the experts at 24/7 Refrigerator

Clean the Condenser Coils
coils are located on the back of your refrigerator, and are a key
component to your refrigerator’s operation. Even in the cleanest of
homes, these coils accumulate hair, dust, and dirt over the course of
several months. Taking a few minutes to clean them every six months
will go a long way to preserving your refrigerator over time. To
clean them, simply slide your fridge away from the wall and vacuum
the coils with your cleaner’s brush attachment.
Keep it Full
your refrigerator full will help it maintain its temperature when the
door is open. The benefit of this, besides a consistent temperature
for your food, is that your compressor won’t have to work as hard.
The compressor is the most vital part of a refrigerator and saving it
from daily wear and tear adds up over your appliance’s lifespan. Be
careful though, as overstocking your fridge could prevent proper air
circulation and lead to warm spots.
Give the Refrigerator
Adequate Space
sure there is at least a six inch gap between the back of your
refrigerator and the wall. The back of the refrigerator contains
components which are constantly working and generating heat. Leaving
enough space ensures adequate ventilation and will prevent your unit
from overheating.
Check Your Seals
refrigerator door is lined with a rubber seal which is also known as
a gasket. This seal remains air tight to keep the cold air in your
fridge. A faulty seal will allow the cold air to be lost to the
outside and warm air to enter it, which will make your compressor
work harder to maintain the temperature. An easy way to test the
strength of your refrigerator’s seal is to close the door on a dollar
bill. If you can easily remove or slide the dollar up and down, you
should replace the seal immediately.
If your
refrigerator is giving you issues, there is a chance you could repair
it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. If you live in Nassau
County or New York City and are having refrigerator issues, call 24/7
Refrigerator Service at 866-782-9376 to schedule an appointment with
a trained technician. You can also connect with us on social media
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