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A Letter From Your Fridge


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Dear Family,

This is your fridge talking and I have a bone to pick with you. I can’t just keep cooling down your meats and produce without a little help. I might look tough, but the truth is, I need some cleaning and maintenance to work at maximum efficiency. Below you will find my list of demands:

Every once in awhile, like two or three times a year, you’re going to have to check my seals. Those things are all I’ve got to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. You need to get all that disgusting food residue you leave behind off of them so that I can stay closed. Please take a wet rag and some soap and gently, and i mean gently, wipe my seals and make sure they are squeaky clean!

This next step is very important. My condenser coils help me keep food cold, and without them I am nothing. When I am tucked away in my corner, the coils tend to pick up some dust and as you can see, I don’t have hands to clean them myself. If you take the time out to wipe down my coils, I promise I’ll take care of everything on my end.

This one is super important and really easy to do, so pay attention! You’re going to want to set my temperature anywhere between 36-40°F. Any hotter and I’ll be dying in here, any colder and I might turn your delicious leftovers into an iceberg.

I’m a big strong guy, don’t be afraid to fill me up. The more things you let me hold, the better I will work. In fact, those water jugs you put on my shelves actually help me keep it cool in here.

And lastly, in the event of an absolute catastrophe, make sure you keep my doors closed. When the power goes out, that is it for me, but my doors can still keep the cold air in for about 48 hours. Hopefully you get the power back on.. I want to live!!


Oh yeah, one last thing, my favorite repair guys are over at Speedy Refrigerator Service. They have done work on generations of refrigerators in the NYC, Queens and Long Island area. For my sake, leave the major repairs to the professionals. Just call the Speedy guys at 866-782-9376 or click around on their website!

Common Refrigerator Mistakes

fridge-generator (1)

For such a universal appliance, there are a lot of mistakes that people make when it comes to their refrigerator. Mistakes that can spike their electricity bill, compromise food safety, and cause their fridge to break down prematurely. Here are five of those mistakes that you should avoid making.

Mistake #1: Not cleaning the condenser coils.

If you asked everyone you know when was the last time that they cleaned their refrigerator’s condenser coils, the vast majority of them would probably say never. These coils are located on the back of your appliance and are known to collect dust, which can negatively affect your energy-efficiency. Clean them every six months using your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment.

Mistake #2: Letting frost build up.

If the inside of your freezer looks like an arctic snowstorm, it’s time to defrost it. When too much ice accumulates on the freezer walls, it can limit air flow in addition to reducing precious storage space.

Mistake #3: Neglecting the gasket.

The gasket is the rubber seal on your refrigerator door. It is responsible for creating an air-tight barrier that prevents cold air from escaping your fridge. Unfortunately, any loose edges, cracks, or tears in the gasket prevent it from doing it’s job, which ultimately increases the wear-and-tear on your appliance. Inspect your gasket every month to make sure all is well, and replace it immediately if you notice any problems.

Mistake #4: No method for stocking food.

When we get home from the grocery store and it’s time to unpack all of our food, many of us simply put it wherever it will fit. While this is a quick and easy method to stock your refrigerator, it’s not the best way. Where in the refrigerator you keep your food can impact how long is lasts, so be sure to stock smartly by following this advice.

Mistake #5: Not changing the water filter.

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, make sure you are changing the filter in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. The older filters get, the less effective they are at removing impurities and bacteria from your drinking water.

Sometimes, these mistakes will cause your refrigerator to leak, make loud noises, or completely break down altogether. If you experience any of these problems, call the repair experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service. Our technicians have more than 75 years of experience repairing refrigerators and freezers all across Long Island. We guarantee one-hour service to Nassau and Suffolk County, so call us today at 866-782-9376.

Common Myths About Refrigerator Maintenance


Just like with any appliance, taking proper care of your refrigerator will help it last longer. Additionally, a good maintenance routine can also help you save money by lowering your unit’s energy consumption. If you want to keep your refrigerator running efficiently for a long time, make sure not to fall trap to these common myths.

An annual cleaning is sufficient for your refrigerator.

Most people only take the time to clean their refrigerators once or twice per year, thinking that it is enough. The truth is, you should clean out your fridge on a monthly basis. This helps you stay up to date on throwing away expired foods, which your refrigerator is (unnecessarily) using energy to keep cold.

You only need to clean the inside of the fridge.

When most people think of maintaining their refrigerator, they are thinking about the bacteria and cleanliness of the inside. The truth is, the most important maintenance you can do is actually located on the appliance’s exterior. Clean the condenser coils, located on the back of the unit, every six months using your vacuum’s brush attachment.

Keeping a second refrigerator in the garage is a good idea.

Many homes across the country utilize a second refrigerator for storing beer or extra food. While this isn’t a problem, keeping it in an unfinished area is. If your second refrigerator is in an unconditioned garage or basement, it could be working twice as hard to keep cool during the hot summer months. If it is an old, inefficient refrigerator, you are doubling-down on increased energy consumption and wear-and-tear.

The water filter doesn’t need to be changed.

This myth doesn’t pertain to the health of your refrigerator, but rather to your personal health and hygiene. If your refrigerator has a built-in water dispenser, you should replace the filter at least twice per year to keep your water clean and clear of contaminants. Refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this.

Bad maintenance habits almost always lead to breakdowns. If this happens to your refrigerator, the experts at Speedy Refrigerator Service can get you up-and-running in a matter of hours. We guarantee one-hour service to Long Island and New York City, and complete most repairs within the comfort of your own home. Call us anytime to schedule your same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.

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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Refrigerator Maintenance

invested hundreds of dollars (if not more) into your refrigerator,
don’t you want it to last as long as possible? Your refrigerator is
one of the only things in your home that runs around the clock, yet
many people seem to forget that it needs basic routine maintenance.
If you
are looking to keep your refrigerator in good shape for as long as
possible, here is some advice on how to properly maintain it.
Do vacuum your condenser
they are located on the back of the refrigerator, condenser coils are
constantly forgotten about. The condenser coils are where your
refrigerator releases a lot of heat, which it cannot effectively do
if they are covered in dust. Clean these every six months with your
vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment.
Don’t neglect your
gasket is the rubber seal that lines your refrigerator door. It is
responsible for keeping cold air in and warm air out, but it is often
the first component of the refrigerator to need replacing. Apply a
thin layer of Vaseline on the gasket every two months to strengthen
the seal and prevent it from drying out and cracking, which leads to
air loss.
Do give six inches of
work by removing heat from items and
releasing it to the outside. This heat needs a place to escape, which
is why it is important to leave six inches of space on all sides of
the refrigerator. Putting it too close to cabinets or the wall can cause overheating.
Don’t open the door all
of the time.
time you open the refrigerator door, as much as 40% of the cold air
can escape. This number is even higher when you stand there with the door
open, searching for something to eat (hey, we all do it). Reduce the
workload on your compressor and cut your energy bills by opening the
door less and keeping it open for shorter periods of time.
Do call a technician if
you suspect something is wrong.
usually don’t happen overnight – most of the time your refrigerator
will give you warning signs before malfunctioning. If you notice that
your fridge is making loud noises, leaking, or constantly cycling
on and off, you should call in a professional repairman before it
leads to bigger problems.
Are you
looking for a reliable, affordable refrigerator repair service in New
York? Look no further than Speedy Refrigerator Service! Our licensed
technicians can fix any make and model of refrigerator or freezer,
plus we guarantee one hour service to Long Island and New York City!
Visit our website for more information, or give us a call to set your
same-day appointment at 866-782-9376.
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Refrigerator Maintenance Routine

If you
have recently taken a trip to the appliance store, you know that
refrigerators are no small purchase. If you have a new refrigerator,
or even if you have an old one, you are probably looking to maximize
your investment by making it last as long as possible.
like anything else, your refrigerator will run better and last longer
when it is properly maintained. If you don’t know how to start caring
for your fridge, just follow this simple maintenance routine.
On a daily basis…
  • Keep your fridge
    perform best when they have a lot of thermal mass – a.k.a. a lot
    of stuff inside of them. A well-stocked fridge will better maintain
    its temperature when the door is opened, thus reducing the workload
    on the compressor.
  • Avoid keeping the
    door open.
    Every time you open
    the door, as much as 50% of the cold air inside your refrigerator
    escapes. Minimizing how many times you open your refrigerator and
    how long you keep it open for will keep your energy bills down and
    extend the lifespan of your appliance.
On a monthly basis…
  • Give your
    refrigerator a deep cleaning.
    month, give your refrigerator a deep cleaning to keep it looking
    like new. This involves removing all food, shelves, and drawers and
    giving the entire interior a wipe down with a soapy rag.
  • Moisturize the
    The rubber seals
    located along the edge of your refrigerator and freezer doors are
    known for drying out and cracking. When this happens, warm air from
    the outside can enter into your fridge, even when the door is
    closed. Prevent this from happening to you by applying a thin layer
    of Vaseline to your gaskets once per month.
Every six months…
  • Vacuum the condenser
    The condenser coils are
    a key player in the energy-efficiency of your refrigerator. They are
    located on the back of most units, and can accumulate a thick
    coating of dust and pet hair if they aren’t cared for. Clean these
    twice per year using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Change your water
    If your fridge has a
    water dispenser, its filter will need to be routinely changed to in
    order keep your drinking water pure and bacteria-free. Most
    manufacturers recommend changing these every six months, but it is
    best to refer to your owner’s manual for instructions specific to
    your model.
these basic needs for your refrigerator can lead to all sorts of
problems. If your fridge is on the fritz, don’t head to the appliance
store just yet; you may be able to repair yours for a fraction of the
cost of a new model. If you live in New York City, Long Island, New
Jersey, or Connecticut and are experiencing refrigerator trouble,
give Speedy Refrigerator Service a call at 866-782-9376. We guarantee
that we will be at your door within one hour of your call and we
complete most repairs same-day in the comfort of your own home. Our
phone lines are open 24/7/365, so just call 866-782-9376 at any time
to schedule a visit from one of our licensed technicians.