A Letter From Your Fridge


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Dear Family,

This is your fridge talking and I have a bone to pick with you. I can’t just keep cooling down your meats and produce without a little help. I might look tough, but the truth is, I need some cleaning and maintenance to work at maximum efficiency. Below you will find my list of demands:

Every once in awhile, like two or three times a year, you’re going to have to check my seals. Those things are all I’ve got to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. You need to get all that disgusting food residue you leave behind off of them so that I can stay closed. Please take a wet rag and some soap and gently, and i mean gently, wipe my seals and make sure they are squeaky clean!

This next step is very important. My condenser coils help me keep food cold, and without them I am nothing. When I am tucked away in my corner, the coils tend to pick up some dust and as you can see, I don’t have hands to clean them myself. If you take the time out to wipe down my coils, I promise I’ll take care of everything on my end.

This one is super important and really easy to do, so pay attention! You’re going to want to set my temperature anywhere between 36-40°F. Any hotter and I’ll be dying in here, any colder and I might turn your delicious leftovers into an iceberg.

I’m a big strong guy, don’t be afraid to fill me up. The more things you let me hold, the better I will work. In fact, those water jugs you put on my shelves actually help me keep it cool in here.

And lastly, in the event of an absolute catastrophe, make sure you keep my doors closed. When the power goes out, that is it for me, but my doors can still keep the cold air in for about 48 hours. Hopefully you get the power back on.. I want to live!!


Oh yeah, one last thing, my favorite repair guys are over at Speedy Refrigerator Service. They have done work on generations of refrigerators in the NYC, Queens and Long Island area. For my sake, leave the major repairs to the professionals. Just call the Speedy guys at 866-782-9376 or click around on their website!

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