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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Refrigerator Maintenance

invested hundreds of dollars (if not more) into your refrigerator,
don’t you want it to last as long as possible? Your refrigerator is
one of the only things in your home that runs around the clock, yet
many people seem to forget that it needs basic routine maintenance.
If you
are looking to keep your refrigerator in good shape for as long as
possible, here is some advice on how to properly maintain it.
Do vacuum your condenser
they are located on the back of the refrigerator, condenser coils are
constantly forgotten about. The condenser coils are where your
refrigerator releases a lot of heat, which it cannot effectively do
if they are covered in dust. Clean these every six months with your
vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment.
Don’t neglect your
gasket is the rubber seal that lines your refrigerator door. It is
responsible for keeping cold air in and warm air out, but it is often
the first component of the refrigerator to need replacing. Apply a
thin layer of Vaseline on the gasket every two months to strengthen
the seal and prevent it from drying out and cracking, which leads to
air loss.
Do give six inches of
work by removing heat from items and
releasing it to the outside. This heat needs a place to escape, which
is why it is important to leave six inches of space on all sides of
the refrigerator. Putting it too close to cabinets or the wall can cause overheating.
Don’t open the door all
of the time.
time you open the refrigerator door, as much as 40% of the cold air
can escape. This number is even higher when you stand there with the door
open, searching for something to eat (hey, we all do it). Reduce the
workload on your compressor and cut your energy bills by opening the
door less and keeping it open for shorter periods of time.
Do call a technician if
you suspect something is wrong.
usually don’t happen overnight – most of the time your refrigerator
will give you warning signs before malfunctioning. If you notice that
your fridge is making loud noises, leaking, or constantly cycling
on and off, you should call in a professional repairman before it
leads to bigger problems.
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