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Refrigerator Ice Dispensers: Pros & Cons

If your refrigerator has a built-in ice dispenser, you know the luxury
of ice-cold refreshment being just the push of a button away. This
bonus feature seems like an obvious benefit, but is there more than
meets the eye?
In this article, we will
take a look at the pros and cons of owning a refrigerator with a
built-in ice-maker.


  • Convenience.
    is no argument that water/ice dispensers offer a great convenience,
    and manufacturers are continuing to make more and more improvements every day.
    Upscale models now offer features such as automatic filling,
    taller openings for oversize containers, and the choice of hot or cold water.
  • Taste. Before being dispensed, the water and ice are usually run through a filter. This helps remove minerals such as lead and mercury, leading to
    cleaner, better tasting water.


  • Added costs. If
    you want this feature on your fridge, you are sure going to have to
    pay for it. In addition to a higher price tag at the point of purchase (usually hundreds of
    dollars more), you will also pay a more on your utility bill – and don’t
    forget the cost of replacement filters.
  • Less storage. One
    thing that many people don’t realize is that they will have to
    sacrifice valuable freezer space to make room for stored ice. This
    generally equates to losing an entire shelf’s-worth of space.
  • More repairs.
    to Consumer Reports, refrigerators with ice dispensers are more
    likely to break down, and when they do, repairs can be costly.
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